11 Beauty Essentials for Your Bag


We always carry loads and loads of stuff in our bag with us while going even to the simplest occasions like to a coffee shop in a random work break or like going for recreation to the market. This not only makes our bag heavy but also creates difficulty for us.

Rummaging through your bag for a specific item does not seems to be a fruitful task. It not only wastes your time but also sometimes is the core reason for getting your favorite makeup product damaged. To help you sort out what you should carry in your handbag, we have picked 11 Beauty Essentials for your bag which will not only help you to reduce the weight of your bag but will also make it easy for you to find your desired items in your bag.

1.      Makeup Pouch

A hard makeup case looks very odd to carry everywhere, like to the office or the market, and obviously, no one prefers carrying a hard makeup case to such places. Putting all your makeup individually in your handbag is never the right thing to do. Sometimes, the makeup product can leak, or the product container can break due to the pressure of other products in your bag and thus can make your bag including your money and your Air Pods go sunk in makeup.

We can’t prevent your makeup container from leakage, but we can prevent it from breakage. The same is the case with powder products, they can break due to the shock.

Keeping in view all these difficulties you have to face, the first beauty essential out of 11 beauty essentials for your bag sorted by us is a makeup pouch. Makeup pouches come in all shapes and sizes. They are usually made up of plastic which can effectively prevent your other accessories in your handbag if any makeup product leaks or breaks. But usually, the makeup products in a makeup pouch gets so perfectly placed and compressed by each other that they effectively withstand any shock.

11 Beauty essentials For Your Bag

2.      Mini Nail cutter

You can not call this a Beauty Essential because this is not a makeup product or something like that. This might also sound a little silly, but you can never trust your nails. They can break anywhere, anytime without any spam alert. Broken or ripped nails look very informal, make you feel unpleasant and irritated, and don’t let you concentrate on your work. To deal with the situation instantly, you should always carry a mini nail cutter in your bag.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

Some mini nail cutters come with a mini nail file attached to them as well. We suggest you buying nail cutters with attached nail files so that you can save the space and can make a quick fix to your nail’s outlook when needed.

3.      Lip and Cheek Stain

If you like to create minimally, no makeup looks for going to university or workplace, then we suggest you put all your powder blushers aside and buy a lip and cheek stain. It will give you an instant flush of freshness on your face and lips.

If you are always late for work or class, then a lip and cheek tint is your must-have. Another reason why I suggest strainers over blushers is that powder blushes get cake-y on the skin and make it looks porous and uneven.

I would suggest you buy The Body Shop’s Lip and cheek stains, they come in various colors and the packaging is so small that it can occupy very minimal space in your bag. It retails for $16 for 7.2 ml of product. This quantity might seem less when heard but trust me, a little goes a long way as the product is very pigment and one drop on each cheek are enough.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

Other famous lip and cheek stain are Benefit’s Lip and Cheek Stains. It comes in different variants including Bene Tint, Love Tint, Gogo Tint, and a few more. It retails for $30 which is a bit too pricy but is worth every single penny.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

4.      Compact foundation/powder

Formal meetings or a friend’s get-together don’t come with an invitation. They can come anywhere, anytime. Even if you are not a makeup enthusiast, still attending formal meetings or going to a get-together with a bare face is highly not recommended as it would leave your very bad impression on others and you will look so unrest in pictures.

To instantly uplift your personality for sudden occasions, you should carry a compact foundation or a compact powder in your bag for quick touch-ups and easy ready-to-go looks. Some brands that offer mineral compact foundation are Sephora, It cosmetics, and Benefit Cosmetics.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

If you do not like a compact foundation, then we suggest you buy tube foundations because we do not prefer carrying a glass bottle foundation in your bag. Glass bottle foundation adds a little weight to your bag and it also has a higher risk of getting damaged.

5.      Moisturizer

No matter if it is summer, or winter a moisturizer is something we can never ignore. Always carry a medicated moisturizer in your bag, especially if you have dry skin or works in an environment where there is dust. Getting a moisturizer with SPF is a cherry on the top as it would work as a sunscreen and would protect your face from UV rays.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

If you do not like any moisturizer, then you can carry a vitamin C serum or 24K Gold serum in your bag. Both vitamin C and 24K Gold serums can work as moisturizers and would perfectly prime your skin for foundation.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

6.      Wipes/Makeup Remover

If you apply makeup too much, then wipes are also one of the 11 beauty essentials for your bag. Don’t leave your makeup on for more than 6 hours even if your foundation says “24-hr Long Wear”. Always refresh your makeup for healthy and fresh-looking skin. Also, if you have chapped lips and want to reapply your lipstick, first wipe the previous off and then apply the new layer for a smoother look.

No, you do not need to carry a whole box of makeup wipe, just get small sachets of wet tissues and you will be good to go.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

If you do not want to invest individually into wet makeup wipes, then get yourself a plastic bottle as small as eye drops bottle or a little bigger than that and pour your favorite liquid makeup remover in it. Do not forget to carry cotton pads to wipe off your makeup.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

7.      Mascara

Mascara is the most important out of 11 beauty essentials for your bag. Without a layer of mascara on your lashes, your look always incomplete. Never forget to carry your favorite mascara in your bag especially if you have thin eyelashes. Rather than carrying a full-size mascara, we suggest you buy your favorite mascara in travel size packing and keep it saved only for traveling purposes. This would help you save a lot of the space in your bag.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

8.      Mini Vaseline

Mini products are my forever favorite and so is this Mini Vaseline. Vaseline is our most loved beauty essential because it can work as a skin primer and is the best lip balm you could ever have. It is a must to moisturize your lips before applying any lip product and thus Vaseline is the best for this purpose. Apply a small amount of Vaseline on your lips before putting up your favorite lip color for plummy looking lips.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

9.      Mini comb/hairbrush

Even your casual days do not go fine with tangled and rough hair. Brushing gives your hair instant shine and makes you look presentable and decent. If you like messy hair looks, yet you must bush your hair first because without that you cannot achieve a better look.

Buying a small hairbrush specifically for your bag would be the best investment you will ever make.

11 beauty Essentials For Your Bag

10. Concealer

Concealer is just another must have out of 11 beauty essentials for your bag. Concealer helps you to achieve a full coverage look by hiding all your imperfections such as dark circles, discoloration, and blemishes instantly and stays longer than any foundation. Even you can use only concealer on your face to achieve a quick and easy-to-go makeup look.

11. Brow Designer Tool/Product

Our eyebrows define a lot of our personality and to be very honest, some of us girls are genuinely so obsessed with our brows without any special reason. To keep your brow game up all the time, you should carry at least one brow designer tool in your bag.

We do not suggest you carrying a brow pomade in your bag, because in that case, you would need to carry a brow brush and a spoolie with it as well.

We suggest you carry rather a brow mascara in your desired shade or a brow designer pencil. The best option in to carry a brow designer pencil that comes with an attached spoolie because in that case, you would not need to carry any additional stuff.


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