What does Candy Shop in town star do


Few days back, I have introduced you to the Cakery in Town Star. Today, let me share with you another exciting sweet products in town star: the Candy Shop. I used to love Candy Shop in the past because it used to gives a lot of in-game stars that are essential to win the weekly competition. At this point of writing (16 January 2022), Gala Game has changed the meta file and now Town Star Candy Shop does not earn as many in-game stars as before and thus if you intend to just play in the monthly P2E servers, then it should work fine as candy canes can be sold for quite a nice sum of in-game money.

Town Star Candy Shop
You can see here, Lolli is bringing an Energy to her Candy Shop to produce candy canes.
  • Cost – one time: $150,000
  • Cost to run: $150 per minute
  • Need to place near Road: Yes
  • Input needs: 10 pieces of wood
  • Output:
    • Candy Canes Only
  • Affected by: Pollution and Buildings
  • Pollution: None
  • Wind Block or Shade: 0 tile
This is how much it cost to build one Candy Shop.

How much are Candy Canes sold for?

Candy Canes are yummy in real life and obviously the same concept applies to this Town Star P2E game. Here is the answer to how much can a load of candy canes be sold for:

Ingredients10 Products Sold ForStar Rewards
Candy Canes4 Peppermints, 6 Sugar and 10 Energy$257,0001000
Town Star Meta File for Competition Purpose: Candy Canes

Please bear in mind though the above table is as accurate as of January 2022. Usually gala Game changes this meta data from time to time. You are invited to visit their blog that keep this data up to date by clicking here.

Good luck and if you have not played this Town Star Yet, You can play this Play to Earn Game by going here. It does not cost a dime to start this game, to come and join the UselessTips.com team.

the candy shop town star guide
Town Star Candy Shop guide
Your first Town Star Candy Shop build Video Guide.


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