What does Cabernet Vine in town star do


Cabernet Vines are grown to produce Cabernet grapes in town star. Cabernet grapes are ingredients for Cabernet wines. Of course, you should not just grow Cabernet grapes and expect to make a lot of money from it. To make full benefit of growing Cabernet vine, you should focus also on creating bottles, barrels and a Winery before you proceed. So plan carefully.

Cabernet Vines in Town star
  • Cost – one time: $200,000
  • Cost to run: $50 per minute
  • Need to place near Road: Yes
  • Input needs: 5 pieces of wood, 5 lumbers and 5 energy
  • Output:
    • Butters
    • Dough
    • Baguette
  • Affected by: None
  • Pollution: None
  • Wind Block or Shade: 2 tiles

How much Cabernet Grapes are sold for?

For 10 Cabernet Grapes, you can expect to sell them for $18,200. But please focus on gas fee too.

Good luck and if you have not played this Town Star Yet, You can play this Play to Earn Game by going here.


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