Town Star How to Get Wood


Town star is a play to earn game. You will earn Town Coin when you place an NFT on your town star town. Here is a quick guide on how to get wood in town star.

Wood is created by trees. In each of town star towns, whether it is in forest, plain or desert, there will be trees around.

If your town is located in a Forest, you will get lots of trees, in fact, 65 trees in total.

If your town is located in plain, you will get less trees and if your town is in desert, it will be very less.

How to get wood for your town?

You will need to build a Lumberjack House. This house needs to be placed next to a road. Thus, you can immediately build the lumberjack house right next to the road that was already pre-built so that it does not cost you any extra cash.

lumberjack house cost

The cost of one Lumberjack House is 2,500$ fake money (or town coin money). Remember that it will also costs you $50 per minute to hire the lumberjack who will cut those trees to keep inside a storehouse – see storehouse photo below.

What do you need to get wood for your town?

You will need the following:

  • StoreHouse: cost $20,000 of fake money (already came with your town);
  • Lumberjack House: cost $2,500 + 50$ per minute to hire lumberjack.

That is all for now, see you in the next tips.

how to get wood in town star

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