Follow these 9 tips to make the perfect suitcase


When traveling, and especially when traveling alone with hand luggage, many of us get stressed with the idea of ​​leaving something essential at home that we may need, or simply with the idea of ​​taking something unnecessary…

To prevent these things from happening we must ask ourselves, what are the most essential things? Which of them can we take with us? Which ones can we get at the destination?

To make the process of packing a little easier here you have 10 tricks, or guidelines to follow, to pack correctly:

1. – The Golden Rule

Bring less clothes (the essential one) and more money than planned (you always end up buying things and almost always lack some money).

2. – Travel with hand luggage (whenever possible)

We have all lost our bags traveling on occasion and it is not a pleasant experience (even less if it happens visiting a cold country). It is also not nice to have to spend most of your money for the trip, on clothes that you do not have, because the suitcase is lost. So, if we can travel with hand luggage, the better.

3. – If it is necessary to check the bag, let it be with the “Fragile / Fragile” sticker

The “Fragile” sticker serves to ensure that our suitcase receives a more careful treatment and is one of the first to leave the plane. A colored ribbon or colored sticker will help us distinguish it more easily (the same in case of loss).

4. – Mix sets

3 t-shirts and 3 pants make 9 sets of dress!!

5. – Books and laptop occupy valuable space

Before filling our bookcase, the laptop … it is better to fill our electronic “Reader” (or “Kindle”) with all the interesting travel guides and books that we can, and use the iPhone or smartphone for everything else.

6. – Jackets and sweatshirts take up too much space

The jacket can be worn when we travel so as not to take up space in the suitcase. Anyway, unless your destiny is a cold country like Russia, we can always do without jackets and in case it is a bit cold to wear several layers.

7. – Do not wear jeans

Jeans absorb dirt, absorb odors and take days to air. Therefore, it will always be better for us to wear cotton pants and other textiles rather than jeans.

8. – If it is valuable and does not fit in your backpack during the day, better leave it at home

Traveling with valuables is not the best option but sometimes it is inevitable. This is why when we travel with cameras, computers or other valuables, we must take special care not to be robbed.

I always carry my valuables in my backpack and, if I am in an area with many people, I put it in front of me instead of in the back to keep it more guarded.

9. – You can always buy what you forget at home

All the countries I have visited sold socks, soap, shampoo and t-shirts. That is, if we dispense with a garment, or forget it, we can always acquire it at the destination.



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