8 cardio exercises that burn more calories than running


Running is a very good exercise to strengthen our cardio. Maintaining a speed of 9-10 km / h the human body can burn approximately 560 calories per hour (depending on the individual).

The problem with running is that the vast majority of people hate it. Some because they do not understand the purpose, others get bored, others prefer team sports, others are lazy … The thing is that for one thing or another, many people are left without their daily or weekly cardio exercise, which plays a very important part in the health of each one as we get older.

Here we propose a series of different exercises but with an equal or similar result that you can use to get ideas, to alternate and not get bored. I hope you like it!

1. – Cycling

Cycling on an exercise bike can burn virtually the same number of calories as running at a low intensity (400 calories). The good thing about cycling is that you can do it at home, you do it sitting, if the cycling is outdoor, or indoor but with intensity (as in a spinning class), and you can burn about 480 calories per hour approximately.

2. – Inline skating

This exercise is practically the same as running, but with wheels. Best of all, in addition to being infinitely more fun, it burns about 426 calories per hour approximately.

3. – Dance

Aerobic dance can burn about 440 calories per hour and dance nights at the disco also count.

4. – Climbing

Climbing burns an average of 450 calories per hour on the rise and 284 on descents. In addition, exercise has its anaerobic part and will help boost and increase muscle mass.

5. – Skip the rope

That game that was played so much in the schoolyard turns out to be an excellent exercise. Depending on the pace and intensity you carry, you can burn up to 670 calories per hour.

6. – Rowing

Rowing is enormously effective. Despite sitting all the time, because the exercise works both legs and arms is a powerful calorie burner. Rowing at a medium-high intensity we can burn an average 680 calories per hour.

7. – Boxing

Boxing doesn’t just look violent, it is. But in addition to being an infallible fat burner, it is an ideal natural de-stressing agent to release all the bad things that we accumulate in the body of so much work. A boxing training can burn about 730 calories per hour.

8. – Swimming

Whatever your swimming style, you will be burning calories and improving your cardio. Swimming on a breaststroke you will be burning about 580 calories per hour; swimming on his back, about 540 calories; and swimming in the butterfly style, you will burn up to 780 calories per hour.




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