What does bakery in town star do


Bakery appears under Farm Tile of Town Star. Bakery takes in raw material and produce useful products that can be sold for a higher profit and earn higher town star in-game stars. Here are some useful information on Bakery In Town Star:

Bakery in Farm
  • Cost – one time: $200,000
  • Cost to run: $50 per minute
  • Need to place near Road: Yes
  • Input needs: 5 pieces of wood, 5 lumbers and 5 energy
  • Output:
    • Butters
    • Dough
    • Baguette
  • Affected by: None
  • Pollution: None
  • Wind Block or Shade: 2 tiles

Tips for running Bakery in Town star

To run a successful bakery, you need to plan your supply chain properly. This is because in order to produce one baguette for example, you need 2 Dough, 2 Butter and 2 Wood. While making wood is pretty straight forward, producing dough and Butter needs other sources from milks to salt to eggs. This means you will need to build a range that produces milk and eggs as well.

what does bakery produce in town star
what does bakery produce in town star

How much products in Bakery is sold for?

IngredientsPrice Earned for 10 Products
Butters2 milks, 2 salts and 1 sugarUS$ 162,500
Dough5 flours, 1 egg and 1 butterUS$ 291,500
Baguette2 doughs, 2 butters and 2 woodsUS$ 913,000
How much does 10 products are sold for in Town Star’s bakery

As you could see, it takes a lot of effort to produce 10 baguettes while the price earned is comparable. However, I would not recommend producing baguette due to several raw products that you need to juggle well.

Good luck and if you have not played this Town Star Yet, You can play this Play to Earn Game by going here.


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