Town star how to get lumber


Today, let me bring you the town star guide on how to get lumber. Remember to also check how to get wood from this article that I’ve just published last week. You definitely need wood first before you can start building a Lumber Mill which is the engine that creates lumbers.

How Lumber Mill looks like in Town Star

Do we need Lumber Mill to construct lumber?

Yes, to create lumber, first we need to construct a lumber mill – see image above. To construct a lumber mill, here are facts:

You also need to know that it can take up to 80 seconds to construct one lumber, so keep an eye on this. Oh well, if you are interested to speed up your crafting time, consider buying town star NFT packs.

  • Cost – one time: $50,000
  • Cost to run: $50 per minute
  • Need to place near Road: Yes
  • Input needs: 5 pieces of wood
  • Output:
    • Lumber
    • Oak Barrel
  • Affected by: None
  • Pollution: None
  • Wind Block or Shade: 2 tiles

What items do you need to create a Lumber

What items are needed to create a Lumber?

As you can see, my town only takes 10 seconds to craft one lumber. Yours might take a little longer. So you need the following items to craft one lumber:

  • 4 woods
  • 2 Energies
  • 1 Water Drum

What is lumber for?

You definitely lumber for the following items in Town star to construct many advanced and industrial buildings. Please note that lumber can also be stored in the basic Wood Shed, so you do not need to build a Lumber Yard for that.

How to get lumber in P2E Town Star

Good luck and if you have not played this Town Star Yet, You can play this Play to Earn Game by going here.


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