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What is Town Star? Town Star is a decentralized and play to earn game that was built on the blockchain. Town Star is a flagship game by Gala Games. You may have heard of Farmville before, right? Yes, the Co founders of Gala company is no stranger to the town and farming games and in the gaming industry in general. His name is Eric Schiermeyer. Eric found Gala Company to build games first and to introduce the blockchain technology as secondary.

Here, Town Star is one of the many games produced by Gala Games. It is a strategy game that allows players to build town and earn town token (which can be converted to real cash) . In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of Town Star Game and how it works. We will also explore some of the benefits of playing the exciting town and farming games!

How Does Town Star Work?

In Town Star, players can purchase virtual assets called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) in order to play to earn town token. These NFTs can be used to build and to improve their own towns. Players can also trade these NFTs with others on the secondary markets such as, which makes the game extremely versatile and exciting.

The game also features a unique system that allows players to earn rewards for participating in the daily game activity. You will earn a token called Town Coin which at the time of writing, it is traded at around 0.30 USD.

Benefits of playing Town Star

There are several benefits of playing Town Star. Firstly, it is a fun and engaging game, similar to Farmville. Here you need to use proper strategy to build a productive town. It is fun as each day presents with a different challenge. Secondly, the game has an in-game economy that is based on the Ethereum blockchain presently. This means that players can earn real-world rewards by playing the game, as explained later in this post. Finally, the game is decentralized, which means that players have full control over their NFT assets in this play to earn game.

Two ways to earn money by playing Town Star Games

There are two servers that you can join to play town star. The first is called weekly competition games and the second is the Play to Earn (P2E) Games.

Weekly competition Server resets every week and starts on Tuesday at 9am Eastern Time. While the P2E server resets every month. During the reset, your pre-established town will be wiped out completely. You will be expected to start again from scratch. Which means you need to start by picking up your town location, then start building your town again.

How much would you expect to earn from weekly competition?

Bear in mind that weekly competitive farming game server is very competitive. Hence, if you are a complete noob, do not expect to earn any gala coin by joining straight away this weekly competitive farming game. Instead, you should consider starting out in the monthly P2E server instead.

According to gala games website, you can compete with other players to earn gala coin. The top players (400 of them) will obtain Gala coins for completing the weekly competition as the top 400 players. See below how top gamers in leaderboard win big prizes in the weekly competition.

Town Star’s weekly Competition Reward structure

How can you earn from P2E Town Star Server?

You can play to earn by completing daily challenges (by obtaining 1000 stars) as set out in the town star game. The challenge is in fact not very hard as players complete challenges through selling produces that you craft while building your productive town. You will expect to obtain at least 1,000 in-game star points before you can considered as having completed your daily challenge. To do so, you need to sell various products that you have created in your farm.

Here, please beware that you can make money from this gala’s flagship game only if you already have a NFT. This means while you can play this P2E town star game for free, you will not earn crypto town coin without first investing (i.e. purchased) an NFT either directly from Gala games Website or from secondary markets. Now, once you have an NFT, you can place this NFT on your own farm and start claiming your daily rewards. The rewards you earn from gala’s decentralized network depend on how rare your NFT is. The rarity of an NFT naturally depends on how expensive it is sold on secondary markets such as and

What is the easiest way to earn crypto in town star?

The easiest way to making money is to pay for an upgrade of your Gala Account to Gala Gold. By becoming a Gala Gold Member, you will receive your first ever NFT called: Express Depot. From my research on OpenSea, one express depot is sold around 100 to 200USD. Owning an Express Depot NFT not only enables you to start claiming your daily rewards, it provides value as it is more efficient when delivering your produces to the nearest city.

Town Beginner video Guide

So how much does it cost to start earning?

As explained earlier, a success story for those with little resources can be found through the weekly competition server. In this server, it is free to join and you can compete with other gamers and if you manage to become the top emerging global champions in one week, you can expect to claim awesome rewards.

On the other hand, if you are a complete noob, like me, it is best to start off with monthly P2E server and buy a gala gold account. I’ve invested around 300 USD for this purpose as explained below:

Here, although it costs just 50$ to upgrade to Gala Gold, as you can see, each transaction costs gas fee in ETH. That is why I had also transferred 0.10 ETH to my Gala Account. So all in call, please expect to invest around 300$ for this (could be less depending on the Gas Fee).

How much did I earn over the past 26 Days of Joining as Gala Gold

Since I become a Gala Gold member, I never looked back and enjoy playing town star every day and reap the benefit that town star deliver to me. Each day, I’ve earned one town coin through my Express Depot – see image below that I’ve captured today.

byHow much do I earn by paying town star for almost one month.


Gala company has a thriving community and I am one of them. I enjoy building many productive town imaginable and have played town for almost a month now. Every day I sign in to town star P2E server and spend less than 30 minutes and I could claim my daily challenge reward each day. Here, in this server, I do not need to compete with any other top players and thus it makes me less stress as well. I think I’m sold to the idea of play to earn gaming and as can be seen on above screenshot of my success through obtaining daily token. I do not have any points of complaining here and I am happy with the result. Thus, in case you are interested, please consider joining this game by clicking here.

Please note that this is not a financial advice and I am sharing for entertaining purpose and based on my own experience. It is suggested that you do your own research before investing in any crypto related games.


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