Why would you pay for NFT skin in town star?


As I start to play Town Star more professionally now to earn extra income, I would ask myself, why would anyone wants to pay for skin NFT in town star as you cannot really earn any towncoin reward from these cute NFT Skin. So I went deeper and asked in their discord account and learn that people buy Skin NFT to speed up their town.

You buy town star Skin NFT to speed up your town

According to Gala Blog, once you collect 10 Mirandus-themed skins pack, you will enjoy speed boost and crafting speed boost. This will definitely help to speed up your entire town šŸ™‚

Should I buy Town Star’s Skin NFT?

Does NFT Skins in Town Star really boost your speed?

Yes, in short, once you collect 10 Mirandus-themed skins pack NFT, you will expect to boost your town star speed. Besides, you will also unlock the Dragon Familiar in Mirandus to help with your future game’s adventure. Take a look at this short clip by Gala Game below.

How much speed boost will I get if I buy NFT Skin pack in Town Star?

With my research and also as seen in Gala game’s blog itself, when you deploy skin pack, you will get two things:

– Increase worker’s movement speed – 2.5% for each pack used

– Increase good production time – 1% for each pack used

If you deploy only 1 skin from each of the 10 packs, you will still receive maximum possible bonus of 25% faster workers and 10% faster crafting. While it is best to get the complete pack, this is not necessary.

Where to buy Town Star NFT Skin?

Yes, I used to ask the same question. The answer is get them either on Gala Game Site (click here) or from OpenSea.io.

Why would you buy NFT Skin in TownStar?

Good luck and if you have not played this Town Star Yet, You can play this Play to Earn Game by going here.



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