5 perfect exercise routines for overweight people 


Do you want to get fit? We will tell you how to start an exercise routine if you are overweight

We are here again. You, the New Year and the usual purposes. The only difference is that this year we are going for everything and we have set out to fulfill all that we have promised.  And of course, we will start by getting ready.

Exercise is very important, whether you are overweight or not. But if you belong to the first group, constant training, in addition to helping you lose weight, will improve your mood, your overall health and make daily activities more comfortable.

Just one thing to consider before exposing the different routines, you should choose the one you like and suits you because it is not worth exercising one day and think that you have already done enough for what you have left of the year …

So let’s go for it with these 5 training routines designed for you:

1. Get up and walk

It is the most obvious, cheapest option and the one that can do the most for you if you manage to keep up. All you need is to invest in a good pair of shoes and go outside (or go to the gym machines).

Going for a walk will improve the strength and mobility of your lower train, plus you can choose the level (mild, moderate or vigorous) depending on the day, your mood or your willpower.

TOP Tip if you choose this routine: Start walking 10-15 minutes a day and gradually add time until you reach a full 30 minute session. At first it doesn’t matter the pace or the speed, just your goal (30 minutes a day). As your physical condition improves, you can increase the speed and intensity of your training.

2. Do you need extra motivation? Group classes are your thing

Attending group exercise classes, you will find the motivation you need to not give up on the first exchange, it is also a way to make friends with people whose goal is the same as yours. But before getting into any discipline, close your eyes and visualize yourself doing something you like: zumba, step, GAP, salsa, body Pump … the options are endless.

TOP Tip if you choose this routine: Talk to the instructor the first day of class, tell him that you are starting your exercise routine, so he can give you additional information and help you adapt certain movements so that you feel more comfortable during the session.

3. Mind-body exercises Oh YES!

More and more disciplines that mix physical training with mental well-being: yoga, Pilates, Chi Kung, meditation, Body Balance, Tai Chi … Some of these have positions that are difficult for overweight people, but do not stress, nobody is born learned and you can go step by step. In addition, these techniques incorporate meditative elements that will help you reduce stress and sleep more.

TOP Tip if you choose this routine: The two specialties you can start with are Tai Chi and Pilates, since they coordinate movements with breathing and you can adapt them to the level you need. As in the previous point, consult with the instructor, he will give you the necessary advice to develop the routine in the most appropriate way for you.

4. The underwater activities are perfect for you

The activities that take place underwater are perfect for people with difficulties to move or with joint pains (although swimming as such is not within this group of activities). You can opt for directed aerobic activities or Aqua-jogging, which is basically running underwater.

TOP Tip if you choose this routine: If you choose to do Aqua-jogging, we advise you not to walk in the pool and dedicate yourself to travel your lane moving only your legs. If you decide on aerobic activities, the instructor will tell you what you need.

5. How about weight training?

There are many reasons why you should opt for this training routine: it will help you correct bad postures because of the extra weight, increase the range of movement in all your joints and, in addition, to be building muscle, your metabolism will go faster when your body is at rest, which will help you lose weight.

TOP Tip if you choose this routine: You can start at home with some weights, but it is recommended that you go to a gym to make an exercise table adapted to you or take a personal trainer, to make a routine designed for you.

Remember to start slowly and not do too much in a short time. Consistency is the most important element of your new training program, so the worst thing you can do is overdo it on your first day and you have to take a week off.


The type of exercise you choose is less important than the fact that you are doing it. Don’t be afraid to try all the routines on the list!!

Keep a diary to track your progress and be sure to consult your doctor if you have difficulty maintaining the activity or if other problems arise.



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