Two Platforms For College Students to Earn Pocket Money

Don't Know How to earn money as a student? Check Out these two online tools for real cash


Time is tough now with COVID19 ranging around the world, schools are closed, shops are closed and most public service organizations are on standstill. This is a trying time for everyone, including college students. Here, I am sharing two platforms for college students to earn pocket money based on my real own experience as a hiring manager:


Fiverr has been there for ages. I have been using Fiverr for several small gigs. For instance, a recent gig I did was hiring a college student to do is graphic design for one of my sites (RC Model Store). It costs me a total of 7$ (5$ plus 2$ commission to Fiverr as a hiring manager). In return, the freelancer offering her or his service on Fiverr would earn 4$ i.e. 20% commission is given to Fiverr. In hindsight, this is quite a hefty commission. However, given there is so much demand for various services, you will likely get a chance to earn a quick buck in exchange for your time.

Fiverr was established in 2020 in Israel by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. It serves as an online marketplace for freelancing service. Most notably, this platform is famous for small gigs like blog writing, Pinterest setup, translation, logo design, and video editing. Oh, by the way, Fiverr is also a listed company on NY stock exchange, with ticker code: FVRR, impressive huh?

My suggestion: If you are doing programming language, familiar with technology and video editing tool, Fiverr can be a good place to start promoting your service.

freelancing as pocket money for college student


Upwork is another platform that I personally used. I used UpWork for finding reliable writers for my website. UpWork is a very reliable platform for both buyer and seller. As a college student, you will have a chance to work with reliable people who will pay. You will be assured to be paid through an escrow service.

Similar to Fiverr service, UpWork also charges 20% of the freelancer. The difference is that if you are earning more than 500$, the commission will go down to 10% or lower. Click here to see their commission structure.

My suggestion: UpWork is a very user-friendly place. It is mostly ideal for those committed students who have specific skills, whether in writing or academic research. Highly suggested for serious students looking for real long term freelancing work.


There are more than two platforms that you can start earning real money online. However, the two platforms specified here are what I use personally as hirer. I have no doubt in my mind to recommend the two platforms to any students out there needing extra pocket money to survive this Covid19 crazy time.

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