Tricks to buy on Black Friday


If you organize well you can save a lot of money with the discounts and offers of Black Friday and also Cyber ​​Monday. It is a matter of method and good planning and of course a little time to organize and do it well.

This is a method that I have been applying for a couple of years and that has allowed me to save a lot of money in recent years. I tell you how I plan and organize for Black Friday.

How do I organize Black Friday?

– I make a list of everything I need , who I have to give and I want to give away
– I check and consult the prices that these products have today (as there are companies that put flashy discounts but they raised the price days before Black Friday)
– I compare the same products in different stores- before Black Friday-. Usually where my shopping cart is cheaper (in full) will be where I will have even more discount with Black Friday.
– I look at the discounts made by the main brands the previous year. For example, Black Friday in K-tuin, Black Friday in Apple Store, I do want Inditex Black Friday clothes and accessories and I do the same in toy store and Amazon.
– When making the list, consider also the gifts of the invisible friend, € 15-20 products, you can find them around € 10 and it will be great for the price limits that are usually set.

When do I buy for Black Friday?

Amazon shopping for Black Friday: I usually do them gradually throughout the week that make deals of the day and discounts.

Inditex Group the previous Thursday when they open the web at 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. and it is simply to confirm why you have your car ready.

Cut English online and very carefully and whenever I arrive when I do not pay shipping, they are expensive and if I see that it compensates me … I buy everything on Amazon.

Black Friday in technology – avoid the queues of K-tuin and Apple store, these stores are crazy these days … all online and manage well the 15% they give you in K-tuin money for example. That is, if you are going to buy several things, analyze if it is better that you buy the most expensive on Black Friday and then use the K-tuin money for other accessories or gifts.

What else will I buy this year on Black Friday?

This year and as a novelty … incorporated in my lists and research online pharmacies and baby stores.

Online pharmacies tend to have lower prices than physical ones and on Black Friday they usually make between 10 and 15% discount and postage usually goes free, so all cosmetic gifts, or even the cream house basket from the body of the small, anti-stretch marks pregnancy … I buy it now and leave it stored.

Childcare stores also make good discounts, although if it is not urgent it is better to buy with discounts. I am looking for what sales they made last year and I have a price comparison, so, I will buy only what is not sheets, textiles or brands with special promotions such as Bugaboo. I will buy the bathtub that I want or take out milks… some products that I will need and that will be between $ 30 and $ 60 cheaper.

And … this year I think I will also do an Ikea on Black Friday both for Christmas decorations, gift papers, tablecloths … as a couple of furniture I need (I do not care if it is little discount because I have to buy them the same) and So I make sure a discount.

Everything with measure and caution makes saving, avoiding purchases at the last moment without comparing and impulsive, there we will lose all the savings that we have accumulated.

Last tip for Black Friday: download the applications of the main sellers, create the profile, save the card and leave everything ready to avoid collapses in the purchases and thus also be able to have the basket previously saved.



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