Things you shouldn’t buy on Black Friday


Many people take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday to start Christmas shopping and it is true that authentic bargains can be purchased. But it is important to know how to distinguish between the offers that are very profitable and those that are not really so much. Here we explain what you should not buy on Black Friday and why:

Bed linen, towels etc.

Stores usually wait for the January sales to get their best deals in order to deplete their inventory and enter new lines. Therefore it is better to save the budget we have saved to renew until after the holidays.

Jewelry and watches

The best offers for this type of gift usually leave on days close to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and also during wedding and first communion times. However, you can find very good prices on Black Friday for smart watches – the so-called wearables.

Products for fitness

The two times of greatest demand to get in shape are after the Christmas holidays and before / during the summer and manufacturers know it. It is very likely that January sales for products related to weight loss and fitness are larger than those of Black Friday.

Winter clothes

In the winter sales (January and February) you can get offers of up to 70% less than the original price on items such as jackets and winter coats.


Contrary to what you might think, Black Friday is not necessarily the best time to buy toys. Stores often lower their prices more in the fifteen days before Christmas or Kings in some of the most popular toys with the aim of running out of stock. Therefore, although it is true that buying a Black Friday helps you avoid queues, it does not have to be the best time to buy in terms of price.

Christmas decorations

Without a doubt, the best time to buy Christmas decorations, paper, cards, etc. It is after the holidays.



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