10 tricks to better preserve food


This article stems from some debate about how we should place food in the refrigerator, how they are best kept and how to avoid spoiling them. And, now in times of crisis more than ever, we must unite our knowledge and saving tricks to achieve the best performance of the products and goods we have and acquire. Therefore, here are 10 cooking tricks to avoid throwing away food, to preserve it at its best and … Save!

1. Freeze the vegetable

We had thought to make a stew and in the end not? The vegetable freezes! There are many tricks to freeze vegetables and vegetables, we can cut them and have them ready for individual portions or even to prepare the stew or stew faster when the occasion is going to happen. We can also freeze cooked vegetables in toppers.

2. Keep the garlic

Do you make ugly garlic? On occasions of heat and humidity the garlic turns yellow and gives off a very intense smell and may even be in poor condition. How we buy garlic by heads, when we do not consume much garlic at home, one way to keep garlic is: Peeling and keeping them in an airtight canister in the fridge or, putting the clean and peeled garlic in a pot with oil.

3. Keep lettuce fresh

Lettuce does not hold much fresh and beautiful, so it is best to wrap it in paper towels, and … to the fridge! The kitchen paper will prevent the lettuce leaf from poaching as a result of the water, humidity and temperature of the refrigerator. It is also convenient to store it in the refrigerator drawer, not in any refrigerator space.

4. Keep the bread fresh

The bread we buy in package is convenient to store in the fridge, especially if we are not many at home and do not want the slices to be dry, hard or flourish. Sliced ​​bread lasts longer in the fridge.

5. Keep the salt dry

Salt vs. moisture … Enemies!! When the salt is left open in a humid place, salt stones are made and it loses part of its own characteristics. Therefore, the ideal way to preserve salt is to put it in a bowl with rice, only with a little rice. The rice soaks the moisture and will protect the salt against it.

6. Keep the sauces

Leftovers of tomato sauce, mayonnaise, homemade aioli and … many more sauces than leftovers after cooking. How to make sauces last longer? When we prepare homemade sauces, it is ideal to store them in glass jars so that the food keeps its properties better.

7. Keep the fruit

How to store the fruit in the fridge? There is a myth that says that the fruit must be washed before storing … That does not work, because it removes protective layers of the fruit in addition to moistening it, which will mean a much faster ripening. The ideal is to store the fruit as we bring it from the market and wash it just before taking it.

8. Conserve cereals

A packet of soft cereals has remained. .. It is not thrown!! WE SAVE THEM!! The cereals soften very quickly if the box and plastic of the container are not tightly closed, so when we have soft ceramics what we do is put them in a bowl suitable for the oven at 100 ° C and covered with aluminum papal 1 – 2 minutes … again … CRUNCHES!!

9. Keep potatoes and onions

Baskets of potatoes and onions? ERROR!! The onions spoil the potatoes as soon as they come into contact, turning the potato into soft and wrinkled. Ideally, keep the onions separated from the potatoes and suppress the typical cart or drawer of potatoes and traditional onions in the houses.

10. Keep pastries

Muffins and dried pastries. To prevent cookies and muffins, biscuits … dry and remain hard or soft, the ideal is to store it in a metal box and at the bottom put a paper napkin.



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