How to buy cheaper


Tricks to get a discount on your purchase or buy items at a lower price

Be attentive to the news

It is likely that troubled companies need your money, so if you hear, for example, that a home appliance retail company has liquidity problems, it might be the right time to buy that new combo (and don’t feel guilty ; you are helping them stay afloat).

Choose the moment carefully

Many sellers, especially in chains and car dealerships, have monthly or annual sales targets and if they exceed them they get a bonus. If you negotiate with them just before the deadline, they will be more willing to reach an agreement. The best time is between Christmas and New Year.

Go shopping during off-peak hours, such as a week day in the morning, so that they can stop to negotiate with you without the pressure of having to serve other customers.

Consult with a superior

The dependent may want to help, but lacks authority; Ask for the plant manager. If they cannot reduce the price, ask for something else, such as free home delivery or an add-on. And above all, smile, wouldn’t you be more willing to help someone who is nice to you?

Do homework

Check the offers on the Internet and print them to show them to the seller and ask if you can match or exceed them. If it doesn’t work, make it go away. Remember that you have never been in a better position to haggle.


Some clothing stores put a small colored sticker on the back of the label (usually red or black) to indicate that the garment is going to be discounted or liquidated. Ask for the discount at the moment.



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