Free Christmas gift ideas


8 ideas for Christmas gifts that don’t cost money

If this year’s budget is a bit tight you can save a lot of money with these free gift ideas.

Free gifts are also an option if you do not like falling into the unbridled consumerism that is unleashed on these dates, if you prefer to use the imagination and have time a good option is to make free Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Christmas gifts made with love have more value than any nonsense details bought at the last minute to get out of the way.

1. Christmas coupons

Offer coupons or vouchers for your friends, family and co-workers for free. For example, if we want to give a neighbor with a pet 10 dog walks , look for the image of a dog – or take a picture of the same dog, paste it into a document (Google Drive has the possibility of creating coupons) and write the message next to it of the coupon with a pretty fountain. Then we can wrap the coupon and make a loop with red or Christmas ribbon to make the most special gift. More ideas for coupons: make the purchase, pick up the children of some friends of the school, take them home and make them a snack for a week, wash the car, clean the house, wash the windows…

2. Give away homemade Christmas candies or preserves

If you like to cook, homemade sweets or preserves are the perfect Christmas gift. If we have a well-stocked pantry, we can easily make free Christmas gifts. Choose easy recipes, for example, four recipes, then separate them by types and package them in Christmas boxes, or place the candies in cardboard trays and wrap them with Christmas paper and a bow.

3. Give a personalized quotes and poems album

Decorate a notebook, find quotes and phrases that inspire us and fill the notebook with those that we like the most. You can also search and print beautiful images to decorate the pages. It is a free, original and endearing Christmas gift.

4. Give a collage of photos to hang on the wall

Whether for friends or family, a photo collage is a great free Christmas gift. If it is for a young person we can search the Internet for photos of the celebrities they like – singers, athletes, actors …  Print the photos on photographic paper and assemble them on a large piece of cardboard. We can use a piece of a packaging box to mount the photos on it, covering it with beautiful paper. If it is for a family member, the same can be done with family photos of the present and the past. It is a good free Christmas gift idea.

5. Offer our services

We all have a talent or skill. We can offer our services as a free Christmas gift this year. For example, if we speak English, offer free classes, if we play the guitar the same, if we are handyman offer to make arrangements at a friend’s house or even offer help with housework. If we are good cooks we can offer a dinner at home or even help in the kitchen … Use your talents to come up with free gifts.

6. Give a free night

Do our friends have a really hectic life? With work, children, sports, etc.? We can give them a free night. Offer to pick up your children after some activity and take them home, prepare dinner, put them to bed and wait for their parents to return (even stay the night). Or invite them to our house. That will allow our friends to enjoy quality time together.

7. Gift crafts, handmade is in fashion

If we know how to do cross stitching, sewing or knitting we can make precious gifts from personalized cushion covers, a scarf or a tapestry to these nice cup ornaments made with decorated paper. A handmade Christmas gift always means a lot. When we dedicate so much time to a gift, the recipients do not stop to think that the Christmas gift has not cost money.

8. Give music

You can prepare a CD or pen drive with the recipient’s favorite songs until you make a playlist on spotify or a compilation on YouTube the best videos of your favorite singers. Today technology gives a lot of itself and there are various ways to give people custom-made music.



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