How to save money on the weekly purchase


Ideas to spend less on the weekly purchase

When we depend on a budget, every penny can be important. In times of crisis it is important to stretch money, however we all need to eat to survive and enjoy life.

Obviously, a good meal does not have to be caviar, with champagne and gourmet products; if the foods are fresh and tasty, they can add pleasure to the tighter budget. Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables is not only healthier, but also saves. We can also reduce the purchase cost with other tricks…

Avoid buying sauces and dressings.

With a base of fresh herbs, olive oil, vinegar, yogurt, lemon … You can make all kinds of tasty dressings and they come out much cheaper.

Visit the butcher shop, fish market or supermarket at the last minute, especially on Saturdays.

You may not find the type of fish or meat cut you like best, but it is a good time to experiment with new ingredients and many stores lower the prices of their perishable products before closing.

Buy wholesale non-perishable food

Canned food, oil, vinegar, pasta, sugar, legumes, herbs, pasta…

Take advantage of the offers

For example, if we see a box of tomatoes very cheap, it is best to buy it and prepare several cans of tomato sauce that we can freeze to use later.

Learn to take advantage of leftovers

With the leftovers we can sometimes prepare soups, risottos, pasta sauces … Throwing the food is throwing money, with the leftovers of the stew we can make croquettes, old clothes…

Take advantage of all the possible parts of food

The bones and casing of a roast chicken serve as the basis of a chicken broth. If we boil them in water with a couple of onions, carrots, celery and lemon we have a broth that serves to make a rice the next day, a risotto, a stew or a soup.

Set up an urban garden

Grow some herbs and vegetables in the garden or in pots; fresh and tasty foods are obtained practically with zero cost.

Buy white marks and compare

Buy white label products instead of those of known brands and look at several sites before buying.

Search stores and shelves with offers

Foods are usually found in perfect condition but that are close to the expiration date, so they want to sell them as soon as possible. While we use the product soon, we will not notice the difference between the offer and the one that is not. In some cases the expiration date may actually be indicative.

Choose cheap recipes to make during the week

Pasta, rice, potatoes, you can prepare a lot of very tasty and satiating recipes with cheap ingredients to eat during the week and treat yourself on the weekends taking advantage of the time you have to enjoy your meals.


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