Abundance Manifestor Review – Does it work?

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There’s no doubt about it, Law of Attraction is a phenomenon only a few truly unlock and harness its power. The Abundance Manifestor is a program, no, a system created by Cassandra Matthews that promises to reveal to you the missing key, this important key when used correctly will change everything in your life.

A worldwide study by PRB or Population Reference Bureau estimated in their datasheets that we are over 7.8 billion people around the world. Imagine, out of that 7.8 billion people, only 1% know this secret; the reason why the methods and promises of abundance life never really worked for them – it was because you were missing this important key.

What is Abundance Manifestor

Abundance Manifesto is a system that uses a revolutionary new way of unlocking the Law of Attraction‘s power to harness abundance in your life, to take control of everything aspect of your life, to go from where you are now to living a life full of happiness, wealth, and health.

How Can Abundance Manifestor Help You

Abundance Manifestor was specifically created for people who are tired of living a life void of abundance, a life full of wealth, health, and happiness. Let me ask you, are you happy? When was the last time you can honestly admit to yourself that you were happy? Do you feel as if your life is just passing you by, and the life that you thought you deserve feels to be disappearing? Do you want to be happy? Do you want wealth, happiness, health? This… is that program. This system is for you, to finally unlock the missing key to Law of Attraction, to finally live a life full of blessings and joy, to receive all the abundance that you rightfully deserve.

During her younger years, Cassandra Matthews, the creator of the Abundance Manifestor system, lived a life devoid of satisfaction and happiness, posting on social media of her “fabulous live” but deep down, she knew she wasn’t happy that his whole showing off her adventures on social media was just a cry for help until one day, she met Dr. Brennan.

Dr. Brennan is a renowned practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapist with over 20+ years of experience. When she met Dr. Brennan, she felt so “fortunate” as, if it wasn’t for Dr. Brennan, Cassandra would have never discovered the missing key that led her discovering how to align herself to activate the Law of Attraction with total ease- for years Cassandra tried and tried but failed, declaring to herself that this “abundant stuff is not working”. Dr. Brennan would then show Cassandra the most important key that she was missing that would ultimately lead her into creating the Abundance Manifestor and helping people just like you, to unlock and live the promises and blessings that come from the Law of Attraction’s power to harness abundance in your life from health, wealth, and happiness.

Unlock the Law of Attraction with the Abundance Manifestor

By you taking this program, you are committing to finally live a life of abundance, joy, wealth, and the comfort of peace that can only come from a system such as this. It was created by someone who used to live just like you, a life missing the joy, the adventures, the wealth, and happiness that it promised you growing up. This is that answer, the key that only the 1% know and get to experience.

At first, I too was skeptical of such a promise. You see, I have tried before these programs, these systems of grand promises and blessings, only to be disappointed but to my pleasant surprise, as I tried and dove deeper into the system, my doubts slowly starting disappearing. What I had feared before, wasn’t there. I have found my answer. A system based upon sound principles that reveal to you, in an easy to follow, easy to understand, and does not waste your time how to truly unlock the Law of Attraction’s incredible power to harness the abundance that was missing in your life.

Who Should Take the Abundance Manifestor

  • For a person who wants a better life
  • For a person who wants wealth
  • For a person that wants fantastic relationships
  • A person who wants health and wellness
  • A person who wants a system that’s based on actual scientific facts and sound principles
  • A person who wants a guided path, not so discover and think within philosophy but an actual path, with steps to unlocking the Law of Attraction
  • And most of all, the person, you who wants happiness in your life

Cassandra Matthews: Creator of Abundance Manifestor

Cassandra Matthews is a self-help author, a life coach, and a resource speaker. She is part of a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Team (NLP), that helps people achieve results through the application of NLP. Before her profession today, she was a senior HR executive at a prominent tech company. She was very well compensated, drove a plush Porsche; was married to a successful architect; lived in a $2 million condominium, and did her morning workouts in a luxury gym; she was popular and her perfect lifestyle was posted all over social media. But beneath all this, she was miserable and one day, she asks her friend who seemed perfectly happy, what was her secret.

Her friend introduced her to the concept of the Law of Attraction, showed her how to achieve this. Cassandra, however hard she tried, could not achieve this manifestation. With her friend’s advice, Cassandra consulted Dr. Brennan, a renowned hypnotherapist and a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming about the difficulties she faced in her career, married life, social life. She complained that the Law of Attraction did not work: “Why abundant stuff never really worked for me.” Brennan said there was one essential thing that was missing. He explained the missing key element in her efforts.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, its formulators, state there is a connection between our neurological processes or nerve system, language, and our patterns of behavior, which we learned through experience (programming). These interconnections can be changed to realize particular goals in life

Dr. Brennan showed her the missing ingredient to make the Law of Attraction work. This secret, when used correctly, was powerful: It changes the psychological hardwiring in your brain so you see and feel differently. More so, anyone can do it.

Dr. Brennan gave Cassandra a memory stick, that had a special set of audio files – listen to each one daily for the next 6 days, he advised. He explained that they are not ordinary recordings; he explained that the audio used special brainwave entrainment technology embedded in each audio file.. that this special technology releases special pulses and tones where the frequency of tones and an individual’s brain waves are encouraged to synchronize with each other. This made the MP3 sessions powerful.

The result: a harmonious new way of being, that allows you to activate and align with the Law of Attraction, as you more easily attract your perfect life towards you. This was the special program that would unlock the power of the Law, the potential of the universe, as it manifests abundance and wealth across your life.

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Abundance Manifestor: how was it created

The principle of the audio experience, provided by Dr. Brennan, gave the key ingredient unlocking the Law of Attraction. It offered scientific brain technology backed by 100 years of science: a formula combining Progressive Therapeutic Hypnosis, with Brainwave Entrainment Technology: the missing key to make the Law of Attraction work.

Brainwave Entrainment technology shows the brain’s capacity to naturally synchronize its brainwave frequencies with the rhythm of outside stimuli, which can be auditory, tactile, or visual stimuli. It is hypothesized that by listening to sound beats of particular frequencies, one can bring about a desired state of consciousness that is compatible with neural activity, such as studying, meditating, doing creative work, exercising.

It is a powerful, overlooked aspect of making any special manifestation work for itself.

Though people rarely mention this – this psychological technique helps you rewire your brain. To rewrite your internal hard-coded neural networks is a hard thing to do. According to Cassandra Matthews, rewriting the brain in a single session as most hypnotherapists do, is quite difficult. To get good results, you must use a technique that more deeply connects to your brain.

The Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction

It states that your desired “reality” is entirely inside your mind. The idea presumes you can experience your reality by first actively perceiving it: this is the basis of the Law of Attraction. The basic principle of the Law of Vibration is that vibrations of similar frequency are drawn to each other

This is the principle that the Law of Attraction is based on. If you want to bring about something in your life, you must begin vibrating at a level that is compatible with this reality that you desire. You first have to adjust your vibration, before you can control your reality, to have this world you desire. All work is first done in our minds. Our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings strongly influence the things we attract into our lives. By having control over this, we can attract what we desire by influencing our thoughts and our beliefs.

law of attraction pin
A beautiful life begins with the powerful law of attraction

What is manifestation?

Manifestation, or the laws of attraction: to manifest something is to create it, using your beliefs and thoughts. This process was the highlight of The Secret, a bestselling book in 2006. Today’s thought leaders, including Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Oprah have discussed this idea.

Note, however: that while manifesting points to turning your life dreams into reality, you must take proactive steps toward the goals you desire.

Abundance Manifestor

Abundance Manifestor is a self-discovery program that helps you to work towards your life goals and helps you to explore facets of yourself. It is based on the concept, Law of Attraction, which aims to produce positive thoughts into your mind, helps to develop your mind and personality, focuses your efforts to achieve your life goals.

The Program is designed to improve your concentration and your mind power. And as these qualities improve, you obtain wealth and abundance in life; and overcome your emotional hindrances. It is a manifestation program designed to help make the Law of Attraction work for you by using the “Abundance X Formula.” The 6-session program of Brainwave audio sessions requires only 30 minutes a day.

This program was formulated to help people get real-life results from the Law of Attraction. To achieve this, you must listen to an audio file daily for six days. By doing this, you align your energy to manifest the things you want to obtain, in an effortless way, like wealth, success, good health, healthy relationship, success, etc. Such is the Abundance Manifestor.

How does the Abundance Manifestor work?

  • It is a self-transformation program that uses audio tracks. The audio is combined with high-quality, relaxing sounds of nature such as wind, rain, ocean waves, streambeds to create an immersive listening experience.
  • The main program consists of 3 audio tracks. Listening takes only 30 minutes a day for 6 days. Then move on to the next audio track. These MP3 tracks were recorded by Brennan himself recorded.
  • Uses technology called hemisphere synchronization: this technology produces special pulses and tones that will synchronize your brain waves, making the Law of Attraction work.
  • Embedded in each audio track is the Progressive Therapeutic Hypnosis: Multi-Stage and the technology of Brain Entrainment, Sound Wave.
  • The program incorporates the Abundance X Formula: which uses the technology audio of hemispheric synchronization to help you achieve your life goals. This is a law of attraction, using hypnosis to change your thoughts and bring them to the frequency level where your desired reality is vibrating. The audio raises proactive vibration. Listening to the audio tracks helps your mind obtain the frequency, where manifestation is possible.
  • The Hemi-Sync technology produces special pulses and tones that synchronize your brain waves, making the Law of Attraction work.
  • The technology of hemisphere synchronization rewires your brain so you manifest your desired life goals. Rewiring of the brain means that the hypnosis in the audio will influence the change of your current mindset. Working on the subconscious leads to changes in behavior. This leads you to make the right decisions so you can move in the direction of your desired life goals.
  • The principle applied here is that your thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency. When your mind is brought to a higher level of vibrations, you start to think thoughts that help you to achieve your desired goals. This is the aim of the program’s author.
  • Each session aims to target basic core areas in the neural network of your brain that must be broken down and rewired. Examples of these core areas are your energy, inhibitions, your ambition.
  • A product based on brainwave entrainment technology: This program is suitable for anyone who regularly uses it. The audios help release the previous mindset. However, the time needed to bring about positive results varies with each person.
  • The eBook that you will download with the main material: is the “Abundance X Formula” success guide that to help maximize your use of these materials. The PDF ebook will guide you in the use of files.
  • Bonus features: bonus videos and bonus materials; free for 1 nth: Premium Limitless 360″ monthly membership

On Hemisphere Synchronization

  • Hemi-Sync is a brand name for a patented process used to create audio patterns with binaural beats, that are commercialized audio CDs. The Hemi-Sync technology is owned by Robert Monroe, founder of Interstate Industries Inc.
  • According to Monroe, the Hemi-Sync technique synchronizes the 2 hemispheres of a person’s brain and produces a ‘frequency-following response’ that evokes particular effects. Hemi-Sync uses sound to relax people, induce sleep, help learning and memory, reach changed states of consciousness, help people with physical and mental difficulties.
  • This hemisphere synchronization technology uses brainwave entrainment audios that relax the mind, raise the mind to a level that reduces negative thoughts hindering your abundance.
  • Regular use of the program will modify your mind’s state. Because you are more relaxed and inclined to use your creative brain cells, you make better choices in life.

Binaural Beats: how does it work

Binaural Beats work by broadcasting two separate frequencies in each ear; this difference produces a third frequency. The binaural beats of specific frequencies are produced. These change the frequencies of your brain waves and result in a desired state of consciousness. Varied frequency options produce different effects. Each recording is tuned to stimulate particular abilities.

On the Binaural Beats of audios

Physical effects commonly experienced while using Binaural Beats:

  • The heavy feeling of the body and inability to freely move
  • The body is completely relaxed, from head to toe
  • Vivid visualizations, patterns, colors
  • Separation of the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Relief from stress, anxiety, stress, tension
  • Feeling of sedation by the body or no feeling

Health benefits of Binaural Beats:

  • Binaural beats produce the mental state associated with meditation but in a quicker manner.
  • lessen anxiety
  • increase concentration
  • reduce stress
  • increase relaxation
  • stimulate positive moods
  • promote creativity
  • help control pain

Benefits of binaural beats: Case studies

  • Case study of 29 people: listening to binaural beats in the beta range (16 and 24 Hz) resulted in improved performance on tasks, lessened negative moods compared to listening to binaural beats in the theta and delta (1.5 and 4 Hz) range
  • Study of 100 people who will undergo surgery: binaural beats reduced the anxiety level by half, before surgery, compared to similar audio but with no binaural tones and to no audio.
  • Study of 291 patients in a hospital emergency department: exposure to audio with binaural beats in these patients resulted in decreased anxiety levels, compared to those who listened to audio with no binaural beats or no audio.

Brainwave Entrainment Technology

This technology guides one’s brain with minimal effort to a targeted state, as chosen by the creator of the audio; Especially when you listen to the audio with stereo headphones. Brainwave Entrainment can change your brainwave states with the use of particular audio frequencies and beats. The most common type is the binaural beats.

Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment:

  • Whole-brain functioning
  • Greater ability to handle stress
  • Effortless, deep meditation
  • Improved receptivity to hypnosis
  • Visualizations become more powerful
  • Positive endorphins and neurochemicals are released
  • Stimulation of anti-aging hormones, as HGH
  • Increased spiritual awareness and access into the subconscious
  • increased IQ level
  • Improve short-term, long-term memory
  • Develop new neural pathways in the brain
  • Deep relaxation
  • Improved capacity for empathy and compassion
  • Improvement in mental disorder symptoms in ADHD/Autism/ADD
  • Mastery of emotional states
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Strengthened ability to manifest goals and productive use of the law of attraction

What you will learn from the Abundance Manifestor

  • Firstly, the systemic program helps solve important issues of life, such as health or money problems.
  • A program that can help you have the energy and drive to think of solutions and attract the right opportunities and people
  • Helps people to master issues, such as health, finances, relationships, and common success, without all the hard work
  • A powerful psychological method that can help change your life
  • In this guide, Cassandra recommends understanding how to use the portal bridge to get the positive signals to motivate the brain.
  • It activates the mirror neurons, that lets you open the portal to express your wishes

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Scientific-Based Approach
Respects Your Time
Mindset Strategies
Motivationally Inspired
Gentle and Loving Approach
Correct Alignment
User Friendly
Accommodating To Busy People
Money Back Guarantee[/i2pros][i2cons]It Takes Time
New System
Requires Commitment
Requires Action
Sometimes, Slow Customer Support[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Pros of Abundance Manifestor

#1 – Novel New Methods

The Abundance Manifestor uses new novel ways as part of its systematic program to help you unlock the Law of Attraction’s incredible power to harness true abundance, true wealth, and the happiness that you deserve.

#2 – Scientific-Based Approach

You don’t need preliminary experience in meditation or spiritual knowledge. As previously mentioned, the Abundance Manifestor could not have been possible without the help of Dr. Brennan of who showed Cassandra the true way, the right way on how you can align yourself to fully activate the abundance that can truly be received by unlocking the Law of Attraction’s full potential.

#3 – Respects Your Time

The Abundance Manifestor isn’t some hour-long session, it’s just under 30 minutes of full guidance to aligning yourself daily to the Law of Attraction’s required frequency; the more aligned you are, the more abundance will manifest in your life. It can virtually work with any computer, laptop, smartphone, or any device that plays audio MP3-format files.

#4 – Mindset Strategies

Yes, the team behind Abundance Manifestor thought of everything because they themselves have been there. There will times when you yourself need a little bit more push to get yourself in the right alignment and that’s what these mindset strategies give you. The power to stay in the moment, to concentrate on harnessing the power to manifest life’s abundance, in all that your life rightfully deserves.

#5 – Motivationally Inspired

Cassandra uses unique, novel techniques such as “portal jumper” to receive and align yourself with life’s positive signals which in turn give you the motivation, the strength, to receive and manifest the Law of Attraction’s abundance and all the blessings you deserve. There are many more unique and novel techniques to aligning yourself, to be found within the program.

#6 – Gentle and Loving Approach

The Abundance Manifestor does not attack you with its methodologies and techniques but it gently and lovingly guides you. Just as a mother would with her child, gentle and loving – building you, helping to show you and unlock your actual full potential to be happy, to be healthy, to be wealthy, and to have that peace of mind that only the 1% have.

#7 – Correct Alignment

The system which Abundance Manifestor is for you to unlock your life’s full abundance potential by way of aligning yourself with the Law of Attraction’s powerful properties and elements which sends manifestations throughout your life such as the incredible ability to mirror your neurons which opens up portal jumpers that start manifesting your life’s desires.

#8 – User Friendly

The Abundance Manifestor is not some overly complicated system of jargon but a system based on sound, easy-to-understand principles such as its accompanying informative guide is written in a way that even a child can understand. Every thought and process has been written in a straightforward manner giving you what you need when you need it without any complicated language.

#9 – Accommodating To Busy People

The Abundance Manifestor welcomes all people, whether a senior professional, a young professional, or even a student. It was designed to help those with busy schedules, the Abundance Manifestor does not want to interfere with your life, it wants to enhance your life by giving you the key that you’ve been missing all of these years. To manifest abundance does not take hours but only a few minutes. If you’re busy, this is for you.

#10 – Money Back Guarantee

Cassandra and her team are so confident of their novel approach i.e. the Abundance Manifestor to harness the Law of Attraction’s ability to manifest abundance in your life that they are willing to give you a refund should you feel dissatisfied with their system. Abundance Manifestor is risk-free, just contact them and they will provide assistance to you.

Cons of Abundance Manifestor

#1 – It Takes Time

As much as I want to confidently say that you can start manifesting abundance in your life in as fast as under an hour. In all honesty, if you are new to this or you have been neglecting your powers of alignment; this may take a few days to start seeing the effects of unlocking your life’s key to the Law of Attraction. If you want instant manifestation, this is not for you. This is a system, the principles used are the steps required to unlocking the richness your life deserves.

#2 – New System

With the Abundance Manifestor being a new-er system, it can be quite intimidating to try but rest assured, Cassandra and her team know what they’re doing and if ever, you are dissatisfied. There’s also a guarantee for a refund, it’s risk-free.

#3 – Requires Commitment

Sadly, while the System itself i.e. Abundance Manifestor is easy to follow and very user-friendly. It still does require commitment from you. But one of the things that I really appreciate about Cassandra Matthews’ Abundance Manifestor is that she and her team knew that a situation like this can happen that there will be times when you need a push – that is why included motivation and the feelings of inspiration are an integral part of the system. She wants you to succeed because you, yes, you deserve happiness. You deserve to be wealthy, and the health and peace that comes with it.

#4 – Requires Action

Taking action is very different from commitment. You can say and show that you are committed to the novel techniques and methods but to do daily regardless, if you are not perfect at it or you are; you must take daily actions in order to receive the true abundance in your life. Cassandra and her team will give you the key, but you still have to turn it. They can’t do it for you but they can cheer you on and guide you to aligning yourself, to attract positive signals.

#5 – Sometimes, Slow Customer Support

Due to the number of calls Cassandra and her team received, you will occasionally experience delays in their support towards your goal. Even their email support can be a bit slow.

Summary of my review

Cassandra Matthews created the Abundance Manifestor, a novel system that reveals to you the power of the Law of Attraction through its multiple techniques and methods to unlocking your life’s full abundant potential. This system is catered for the busy professional who only has a few hours per day to align themselves to the universe’s positive signals.

It requires commitment and action from you, and whenever you feel you need a bit of a push; Cassandra and her team will be there for you. The Abundance Manifestor includes not only user-friendly guides, mediation tracks, novel methods for alignment, but it also includes tips and tricks on motivation to keep pushing you further in your life’s potential, and many more other techniques can be found within the program.

By you joining this program, you are giving your dream a reality, the steps laid out in Abundance Manifestor reveals to you the right way to manifest and receive unlimited abundance. Your health will be blessed, your financial struggles will disappear and the confidence that you once had will be restored to you. You will be the best version of yourself.

Conclusion: Should you buy Abundance Manifestor?

Life is not with its trials and tribulations but with the Abundance Manifestor, you can discover for yourself the missing key to harnessing the Law of Attraction’s awe-inspiring richness as you align yourself with the universe’s positive signals and start manifesting abundance in every aspect of your life.

If you have doubts, rest assured that throughout the program, Cassandra not only gives you confidence but also reveals to you everything you could ever need to help guide you in the right alignment to the universe’s power signals that you may finally receive life’s full abundance; if you are sicked and tired of living a life full of nothing, and you want that wealth, that health and happiness that was long promised to you then this is for you. The Abundance Manifestor will reveal to you the missing key to unlock all of the Law of Attraction’s true power to harness abundance in your life.


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