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Mediation gave a new meaning to my life!


How Meditation changed my life

My mind is always scattered and a hundred thoughts engulf my peace. By the nature of my existence, I know that I have never sat still in place or understood what it meant to be calm. My mother has been very patient with my demeanor until recently when she lost her calm at my fidgeting with a paperclip.
She yelled, “two hours now, leave it be.”
A small paper clip that I had been holding for two hours without even realizing. I think it was that moment when I discerned how much my mind needed to take a breather, and how much I needed to control my mind and not vice-versa. This was a very small instance of my deep-rooted issues, which I had blindsided. However, more recently, my skeptical self turned towards meditation. To me, meditation always seemed absurd. Without even trying, I had decided that it wasn’t for me.
But to my astonishment, I recognized how it was beneficial for my day to day happiness. A simple task (not easy mind you) that soon translated into two minutes of practice to an ongoing habit when I connected with ​Mp3 Meditation club: Isochronic Tones | Meditation MP3​ and got hooked to their services. I don’t know if you are as skeptical as I was, or you are way ahead in the game, I have gained a lot by learning how to control my mind. I have understood how things affect my brain and what triggers my anxiety. In fact, I can now manage it all the better than I ever did before. After experiencing the positive effects, I dug deeper into the art of meditation and how it helps the brain when we practice it religiously with correct means, and I was completely blown away.

What is the art of Meditation?


Meditation is one of the many practices that allow us to improvise as per our needs. As a personal practice, it exhibits various ways to practice and probably has more variation than what we see on the global platforms. Though there are scientifically proven meditation practices that help us to make our minds and bodies flexible. To reiterate, these practices are more focused on a particular part of the body and not just our minds – it leverages breathing, sensation, or the objects outside the body. This type of meditation allows the practitioner to manifest his or her energy on one point and teaches how to bring back the focus when the mind starts to wander.

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Another type of meditation called open-monitoring meditation allows the amateur to notice everything without reacting to the surroundings.

But why Mediate?

This is where everything about meditation becomes even more interesting. Modern technology, such as CT scans, MRI scans, etc., has allowed the scientist to recognize what happens when we meditate and how our brain expands with it. The studies did not astonish me at all, especially when I had personally started to feel the changes happening within my body. Looking at the scientific research just gave me another reason to keep believing in the perks of mediation. Reading the testimonial on Mp3 website reinstated my faith in believing in the power of controlling my mind. When we know others are also benefiting in the process, we want to also achieve the same results.

With meditation to help us, our brain relaxes even with a 15- minute session, doesn’t matter if you haven’t tried to meditate before. The mind stops assimilating information as actively as it would otherwise. The brain’s beta waves, which show how our brain processes information, show decrease inactivity. It not only assists us in controlling our brains but also how we handle our emotions. As unpredictable today’s world is becoming, I am glad that I turned towards meditation to help me become a healthier version myself. Of the variety of packages available with the Mp3 Meditation club: Isochronic Tones | Meditation MP3​, I am overjoyed with so many choices to choose from.

Yoga pose in Bali. Be patient and meditate to happy living.
Join MP3 Mediation Cub Today and Enjoy Happy living

How meditation benefits us?

Research has shown how mediation impacts the brain. Interestingly, it is analogous to how exercising affects our bodies.

Bring your focus back to the game

Meditation forces us to control our attention span and thus making us fully aware of our surroundings. We became conscious of when our brain drifts, and this actually benefits us when we are not meditating. Regular practise of meditation results in lasting effects that can be seen in the change of focus, and our ability to not drift away. Learning to focus your attention span is like exercising your muscles – in due course it shows.

Anxious, who?

Before turning to mediation, I often fell prey to anxiety. Anything that went wrong or my schedule didn’t work according to my plans, and my anxiety would get triggered. Do you know how it gets in this fast-paced world? I always felt as if I was running behind in the race, already failing.

I am not saying meditation alone fixed my anxiety. The first step towards solving the problem was realizing I had it. And the second step was seeking help. With the isochronic program offered by MP3 meditation, I felt myself getting calmer by day 1. Studies have shown that the level of anxiety we feel is inversely proportional to the hours we spend meditating. I am a changed person today.

The journey was easy to achieve because I had the right guidance. With correct methods of meditation, our brain starts to methodologically understand our fears and process them calmly. In an unhealthy brain, the section in the brain that connects the bodily sensations to fear centers gets triggered very easily, resulting in strong reactions. Meditation helps us to weaken this bond. Once the connection is controlled, the trigger points can be strengthened to our benefit. Our assessment center (or the reasoning center) corresponds well with the bodily sensations. As a result, in times of scary situations or upheavals, our brain now possesses the power to rationalize the change.

Create, don’t hate

With an easily deviated mind and panic-stricken personality, my creative juices stopped flowing. My mundane life lacked colors. Things changed after I started to meditate religiously. Research has proved how meditation helps our mind become increasingly freer and more creative. Once we start to follow a regime to make our minds stronger, new ideas come easily to us.

Goodbye irritability

Meditation allows us to become more empathetic to our surroundings. It empowers the practitioners to be more aware of the surroundings and reduce their emotional reactions. Meditators experience more compassion towards the world. Our emotional stimuli are processed by ​the amygdala. ​Studies show that those who regularly practice meditation showed a higher reactivity in this center of the brain compared to those people who did not meditate. Our brains learn to become exceptionally responsive to emotions and more willingly accept changes.

Remember 2001?

Needless to say, meditation results in better and more focused memory. We recall past events more rapidly. Mindful meditation helps to strengthen our ability to weed out distractions and adjust our brain waves to increase our productivity. Studies show that those who practiced meditation were easily able to maintain their attention span as opposed to those who did not meditate, finding themselves undeniably distracted.

Stress less

Today, I can perform better under pressure, and so can you. My stress levels have drastically reduced to a bare minimum. I have accomplished more ever since I started meditating. I am now more aware of my circumstances and can easily gauze the situations. A stressful scenario can lead our body into overdrive. But those who practice meditation can easily navigate the challenges without falling into the trap of stress.

More positivity

Have you heard of gray matter? I hadn’t. Neither did I understand the importance of positive emotions. Meditation helps to build more gray matter in the brain. The hippocampus gets activated when we spend our time focusing on our breathing patterns. The results have proven that practicing meditation results in a more positive outlook. We can achieve long-lasting emotional control and stability. Experiencing positive emotions lower the age-related effects on our gray matter as well.

What is ​Mp3 Meditation club: Isochronic Tones | Meditation MP3​ ?

The power of meditation is immense and unexplored, especially when our knowledge is minimum. However, thanks to the resources available nowadays, the struggle to find a freer mind is over. We don’t have to stay agitated anymore or find ourselves failing to focus our energies on the task at hand. MP3 meditation club makes life easy. The website offers simple solutions to our day to day worries. They have brainwave recordings to release our minds from mental interruptions and activate the right vibrations in our minds. This technique helps us reach a deep, effective, and healthy meditative state.

MP3’s expertise stems from years of research in the field of audio brainwave therapy. It specializes in Isochronic tones that allow the users to practice optimal meditation. The frequencies released by the music help the practitioner’s brain to react differently and the brain becomes calmer and more responsive to the environment. They offer a plethora of programs to choose from and each program aims to help the users in the best way possible. Their ​Products – Mp3 Meditation Club​, which includes 75 different Isochronic tones and Affirmations, have a lot of potentials to help anybody and everybody.

They offer programs that include astral projections, lucid dreaming, and various others. They also have specialties focusing on mental health that helps the practitioner to achieve success in his/her field. I struggled with keeping my focus and often found myself distracted or fiddling with things in my hands. However, after I invested my time and energy in getting to know myself better, I was able to control my actions and mind from wandering.

MP3 Meditation club has become my sanctuary. I listened to each and every sample they have available on their website and was sure that I was at the right place.

Katrina, the founder of MP3, has a message for us:

My name is Katrina. Between 2000 and 2007, I was a yoga coach, and in 2006 I started working with binaural beats, isochronic tones, and other brainwave entrainment tools. I learned how to create high-quality audio recordings engineered to target different areas of the brain based on the extensive research available. In using the recordings myself, I found I became more focused, and also driven to share my success with others! So we invested heavily in research and developed hundreds of brainwave tracks, which we then tested with the help of interested people. We now offer you the best-performing meditation mp3’s from those trials, and continue to develop new tracks to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Grab A Copy Here

Brainwave Entertainment and its history

Hans Berger discovered Electroencephalography (EEG), which later led to the foundation of brainwave entrainment. The modern technology of EEG has its roots in ancient studies that show evidence that civilizations before us have also benefited from brainwaves manipulation. Of course, then the technology was not as advanced and progressed as it is today. Earlier civilizations practiced incantations, sounded drum beats, and mantras to achieve an advanced state of mental well being. They believed in the power of vibrations created by different sounds. These vibrations were (and still are) considered to be transformative. Looking at how we have embraced technology in all the fields, mediation has not faced any exceptions. The EEG equipment has been used by scientists to create the same vibrations in the hope to cure mental illness and other disorders.

Since the early 1960s, many studies have used audios and visuals to stimulate the mind, showing practical and physical effects on the brain. Experiments in the field of mediation have proven time and again that brainwaves and frequencies can be altered by the induction of sounds and correct breathing patterns. Brainwave stimulation helps to positively impact various things, such as anxiety, stress, ADHD, serotonin levels, etc.

During the 1960s, the world saw itself bending towards ancient methods of meditation. The interest led to the various methods that were later altered to meet technology.

Isochronic Tones and its advantages Binaural Beats

Binaural beats were created using tuning forks and many more similar instruments. Such instruments when brought close to the left and the right ear separately help the brain create a third frequency. However, with technological advances made, creating frequencies with the machines has allowed scientists to more accurately record the impact on the brain.

Early experiments show positive results of calibrated frequency and its effects on a person’s physical and mental well being. Time and again, it has been conclusively noted that Binaural Beats reduce stress, cortisol levels and increase the gray matter in the brain.

The revolutionary Binaural Beats is surpassed by the initiation of the Isochronic tones. These tones are audio-based stimulation that is fast and potent for our brain. Without inducing drugs or using any special device, isochronic tones can help the user achieve an optimal mind space. The majority of the studies showed a positive result of the frequencies, which resulted in positivity, enhanced creativity, etc. 30 years of data has proven that prolonged use of Isochronic Tones has resulted in the betterment of the mind, making it healthier and sharper.

mp3 meditation club-does it work


Mental states can be improved and bettered with a continuous and informed use of brainwave technologies. These isochronic tones are also known as sleep tones and even sleep beats. And are extremely beneficial in inducing a stress free sleep, and also helping the user to overcome bad sleeping habits.

Theta and delta waves, which are also the low-frequency brain waves, are associated with our sleep patterns. As a result, listening to a lower frequency of sound helps promote natural sleep. Gamma and beta waves, which are the high-frequency waves, helps induce an alert state of mind. High-frequency isochronic tones result in a more attentive and alert state of mind. Isochronic tones also help to produce a relaxed state. Alpha waves, which are also the intermediate brain waves, help reach a state of relaxation and are most beneficial during meditation.

At MP3 Meditation Club

Mp3 offers more 75 personally altered brainwave subjects for its beneficiaries. Each of the programs aims to help different problems. Most common problems corrected include lack of confidence, enhancing creativity, reducing stress, etc. They also aim to optimize physical performance and better quality of sleep and mood.

The club has helped many people achieve their desired results through meditation and MP3 isochronic programs.

They have thoroughly studied the science behind brainwave entrainment. As a result, they have created natural music, which is beautifully curated, to help their customers achieve the optimal life they deserve. Mp3 has various sounds including rainfall, waterfall, waves, and many others which are layered with isochronic waves to meet the needs of the user. They have a firm policy of not using instrumental music as that hinders the frequencies and does not allow them to meet the desired results. Mp3 club carefully curates each tone to meet the needs of people who are suffering from various problems.

They have affirmation programs that help the user to listen to soothing affirmations that are repeated that transition into subliminal background sounds. These affirmations are soothing and the repetition is effective to the core. The brainwave entrainment works as the embedded frequencies in the tones and the affirmations.

The isochronic tones are masked by the musical tones to make the experience of the user worthwhile and calm.
The brain gets stimulated as the sounds and the tones create a balance in the frequencies, guiding the brain towards a pleasant experience. Researches have shown that if we hear the isochronic tones 60 mins a day, we can redeem the benefits of these tones and apply them to our lives. While the brain becomes increasingly entertained, the sessions, even the shorter ones, prove to be extremely effective. Further, the feedback of the customer, myself included, has shown faith in the programs especially “increase energy,” which is 20 minutes refreshes the brain like nothing else. I have personally tried the “Power nap Program’ which worked effectively, and I work up rejuvenated.

They recommend a session a day, just like one would exercise. But at MP3 club, they not only have curated programs but also a humble approach to helping people live a better lifestyle.

I also have come to believe that people who meditate daily live a better life, and I also say this from personal experience.

I firmly recommend that isochronic tones can change your life too; I know they changed mine.

Practise meditation today !

You can meditate anywhere. Meditation has proven to help prevent heart diseases, and a healthier heart results in a peaceful life. You don’t require special instruments, just the right guide, and you are set. It also benefits your emotional well being. At the Mp3 club, you get a great variety of programs to choose from.

Even if you have minutes to spare, get your mind back to the game!


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