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Have you been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for years? Can’t you live with the continuous feeling of stress and fear generated by anxiety and negative thoughts? Have you gone to specialists in search of treatment to help you solve your problem but it has never had any effect? Do you want to regain full control over your emotions and say goodbye to fear and anxiety? Then what you need is to start using the revolutionary self-help program that will make your discomfort finally disappear, the Panic Away program.

The Panic Away is a self-help program devised by the prestigious doctor Barry McDonagh that aims to help anyone who tries it to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and panic and even to eradicate them for good. This is a program that users can acquire digitally through paid downloads on the main website of the product, or buy it and receive it at home in DVD and CD format, being able to apply all the advice and therapeutic techniques explained in it from the comfort of their homes.

The founder of the program Barry McDonagh himself suffered anxiety and panic attacks throughout his life, which is why he decided to invest years of his life in the exhaustive research of alternative treatments for this ailment, which has always been treated as a mere mental problem that millions of people suffer from and with which we must learn to live with instead of eradicating it. The first step Barry decided to take in his search for the right treatment for anxiety was the publication of his first book, which quickly became a best seller: “The New Way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks”.

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In the book, Barry McDonagh explained his own experience with anxiety and how he unsuccessfully sought psychological or pharmacological treatments to help him reduce his symptoms. Then, following the disastrous results of all these treatments, he began to investigate other less invasive treatment techniques that would provide real and lasting results against the disease, betting on the 21-7 technique devised by Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Clarie Weekes.

For all these reasons and with the intention of helping you to convince you that buying Dr. Barry McDonagh’s new program to end anxiety and panic is a very good idea, explaining in detail the operation of his self-help treatment, the different parts of which it is constituted, who is its founder and how he devised this program, the different modes of purchase and format in which it is available and the main pros and cons that it has.

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Who is Barry McDonagh and how did he create his self-help program?

Before I introduce you in detail to the program and how it works, it seems more appropriate to tell you about the person who created it and who decided to completely overhaul the way people thought about anxiety in order to fight it effectively and intelligently, Barry McDonagh. Barry’s history with anxiety began in his adolescence, just before his first entrance to the university, when he suddenly began to feel his heart beating like crazy and his whole body was paralyzed: “I’m dying, I’m going to die here and no one can help me”, were the thoughts Barry had in that first contact with panic.

Barry McDonagh is of Irish origin, which may not seem a relevant fact to you, but for him it was a determining factor in the treatment of his anxiety in the beginning. Irish culture is characterized by coldness and discretion, considering that mental problems such as anxiety or unexplained panic attacks that Barry suffered should not be public and those who suffered from them were directly “mentally ill”.

This stigma caused Barry to suffer greatly during the early years of his illness, withdrawing into himself and feeling unable to talk to anyone about what was happening to him. The first panic attack he suffered at the university was only the beginning of the ordeal that our author would later live, who only felt totally safe at home and became totally isolated because he could not avoid feeling panic in any other place surrounded by people. He could not go to the cinema, to the bank, or take a relaxed walk down the street, fear was always with him and his life had been reduced to staying hidden at home.

In search of an alternative method

Barry McDonagh knew that his life could not go on like this, he had to find solutions that would allow him to get out of his house, socialize and develop as a human being as he did until he had his first seizure. The first thing she did was what all people with anxiety do when they first notice symptoms: seek help from doctors or traditional therapists who will provide treatments to alleviate the symptoms.

The result of all those attempts? Long weeks of medical treatments, pills, and exercises that not only did not help him reduce his anxiety, but also made him feel like a real lab mouse in the hands of doctors who never took his problem seriously. No pill was able to help him fight his fear effectively, it only numbed him for a few hours to come back with more strength when the chemical effects wore off. Did that mean that a person with his problem should be medicated for life and depend on the effect of a tranquilizer? No, he knew better and wanted to find an alternative as soon as possible.

Faced with this frustrating situation, our protagonist asked himself the following question: why is no qualified doctor able to find a real solution to anxiety? And his answer was resounding: because none of them have suffered from it before and they don’t really know what it feels like to live in fear of everything. The problem was in trying to treat anxiety from the theory of a medical book, comparing this disorder to a toothache or any other ailment that can be solved by conventional medicinal practices. In order to treat anxiety properly, it must be treated from experience and empathy, and that is where the real solution lies.

Barry endlessly read books that claimed to have the solution to treat anxiety, but all of them did so through academic methods and did not provide a real testimony of how the illness feels to the patient. Luckily, he found a unique book that talked about the subject in a totally new way, the method exposed by Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Clarie Weekes that gave him hope to be able to get cured and help many others to do so.

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The method that changed everything

After an exhaustive study of the theories and treatments that Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Clarie Weekes exposed in their books, Barry decided to make a complete change in his life and bet on a totally different method that had never been tested before to treat anxiety disorder, giving rise to the Panic Away program that we explain here today.

His new method is based on the innovative technique that has subsequently become known as the 21-7 Technique, which ignores all conventional treatments to fight a panic attack, such as controlling breathing or using a paper bag to control hyperventilation and relax little by little, and bets on a totally new way to end the disease: short-circuit the fear.

And how do you short-circuit anxiety? Very simply, by ceasing to fight it. All doctors induce us to fight against the symptoms when what we should really be doing is accepting the disease and freeing ourselves from it. Barry explains that once he started applying the right mental tactics, his fear disappeared and the tachycardia he used to suffer from never struck him again. And that’s what he explains to his readers through his new program: to teach them to end anxiety through the power of the mind and forget about tranquilizer pills.

A method that today already has more than 150,000 delighted followers who do not stop recommending the innovative tips explained in it and who have managed to say goodbye to panic and anxiety forever following each of the steps that Barry McDonagh explains in each chapter of his successful program.

The Panic Away program: what is it and why is it so successful?

Now that you know who invented it and where the idea of creating this program came from, the next big question we are going to answer for you as a consumer is: what is the Panic Away program, and who is it for?

This program is a complete and revolutionary self-help treatment that seeks to end people’s anxiety problems and panic attacks without having to resort to modern medicine or useless psychological treatments that never get the patient to master their illness, let alone overcome it. To do this, its author Barry McDonagh uses a much more holistic methodology that began to be tested during the 1960s by some pioneers but was eventually discarded due to the lack of a more complex medicinal development.

In other words, the famous technique that Barry applies in this program called “21-7 technique” is not something new that has never been put into practice before, but there were already some people who also investigated the same as him on anxiety but suffered the rejection of the scientific community for not following the development paths of modern medicine. This is another reason why Barry McDonagh decided to bet on this method after having proven its effectiveness, to challenge the current medicine that believes that any disease should be cured by prescribing pills.

On the other hand, this successful program that we are explaining today was not the first reflection on the subject that our author made on anxiety and its treatment, as he first wrote a book where he recounted his own experience with the disease, called “Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks“, which became a bestseller in a short time and encouraged him to continue creating ways to help people fight this disease.

His relentless fight against anxiety and the developed medicine led him to create in 2001 this sophisticated program that already millions of people qualify as a real miracle, explaining that not only have they understood that they do not suffer from a chronic mental illness but that the only way to fight it is to accept that they suffer from it and stop resisting it mentally. From the contribution of the theories of Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Clarie Weekes who understood anxiety and panic as an alteration of our nervous system that causes those who suffer from it to be much more sensitive to any external stimulus and to overreact to any event.

The program that Barry has designed is a complete collection of basic and easy-to-understand lessons and exercises with which you will be able to overcome panic and regain control of your life. Currently, you can purchase the program through digital downloads on the official website of the product, or buy the entire collection in physical CD and DVD format and receive it at home by mail. As of today, more than 88% of the people who decided to bet on this program have declared to be totally satisfied and that they never tire of recommending it to all the people who suffer from the same disease, so the effectiveness of this system is more than proven.

panic away review by Barry McDonagh

How the Panic Away Program works: the panic loop and the 21-7 technique

Now that you know what the Panic Away Program is, who created it, and where you can find it, the next big question you must be asking yourself is: how does this program work? How can a simple computer program help me get rid of the feeling of drowning and constant panic? Well, according to our author, the answer to this question is this: by learning to break the cycle of panic.

Barry McDonagh came to the conclusion that all people suffering from anxiety experience a similar set of symptoms and that they go through different phases of the disease until they realize that they really have a serious problem. Barry has called these phases and symptoms in his program “The panic loop”, a loop consisting of four distinct parts that each user must learn to identify and overcome through the lessons he gives in his self-help program.

Below we explain step by step how this loop works and how Barry analyzes it in depth through his program:

Step 1: warning symptoms

How does anxiety start? How is what we all know as a panic attack triggered? According to Barry, the problem is always triggered by an unfamiliar bodily stimulus, a new sensation that makes us feel uncomfortable and insecure about our body and puts our nervous system on alert. This trigger can be feeling a tightness in the chest, noticing that the heart starts beating too fast, shortness of breath, dry throat, dizziness, among other similar symptoms that make us believe that we may actually be in danger of death.

Faced with this new stimulus, the sufferer reacts in an uncontrolled way, sending danger signals to his brain, which keeps asking the same question over and over again: What is happening to me? Am I going to die? Am I really having a heart attack? Questions that not only cause the person to enter into a fear loop but cause even more stress and rapidly worsen their condition.

Step 2: The biological response

After the person detects the symptoms and is aware that he is having a crisis, even if he is not very clear about the origin of the crisis, his human body instinctively reacts by triggering a “biological safety response“. This response is the one that our nervous system would activate if it becomes aware that we are about to be hit by a car or if we are running away from someone with a gun, it makes us alert and invites us to run away from the trigger of that danger.

If we add to this biological reaction of our organism, which we cannot control and which is activated automatically, our fear and the negative thoughts we have due to the symptoms we are experiencing and which we do not know how to stop, what we will end up with is what we currently know as a real panic attack. In other words, the author explains through the program that panic or at least a panic attack and its symptoms do not exist as such, but that our uncontrolled instinctive human reactions are what end up triggering it and submerging us in a loop of incessant anxiety.

Step 3: Hypersensitization

After a few hours, the feeling of panic and the self-defense reactions that our body has triggered subside, allowing us to think more slowly and be more aware of what we are experiencing. However, the problem does not end there, because even if the symptoms begin to diminish, the consequences that panic has had on our nervous system will remain, making us much more sensitive to any stimulus and we cannot go back to living in a completely serene way as before.

This phenomenon is what the program calls “the alteration of the nervous system“, making it hypersensitive and causing it to react uncontrollably to stimuli that seemed harmless before: the noise of a car braking suddenly, a siren, the volume of the television set too high, etc. Any external stimulus that may test our nerves will trigger a panic attack and put us out of the game again.

Step 4: Fear of fear

And finally, we reach the last phase of the panic loop and the one that really makes the disease never leaves us: the fear of fear. Fear of having an anxiety attack again, fear of not being in control and feeling short of breath for anything, in short, fear of living. A person suffering from anxiety and who has repeatedly suffered several panic attacks lives in constant alert and trying to avoid feeling those symptoms again, which will make him/her isolate and stop being the person he/she was.

The fear of feeling pain again makes our body feel anxious and waiting for something that we do not know when it will happen, making us enter officially and permanently in the so-called “panic loop”. It is at this moment when people realize that they really have a problem, even if they do not know very well how to define it or treat it, but they have a problem that is preventing them from living and that they will seek to remedy as soon as possible.

The 21-7 Technique

As we have been explaining throughout the review, the self-help program designed by Barry McDonagh was based on a therapeutic technique against anxiety that was first tested during the 60’s, the so-called 21-7 technique. This system has proven to be really effective in alleviating the symptoms of panic attacks and teaching those who suffer from them repeatedly to control them and prevent them from appearing so frequently.

The 21-7 technique includes two components: a 21-second countdown and a 7-minute relaxation exercise

The 21-second countdown described in the program is intended to immerse the patient in a state of relative calm that allows him to tame fear. This countdown in turn consists of four distinct steps that the person must execute in order to begin to notice the effects:

  • Observe
  • Embrace
  • Demand more
  • Trust

For its part, the seven-minute mental exercise proposed in the program serves to begin to reduce the main symptoms of anxiety, which has much more effect if properly combined with the initial countdown of 21 seconds.

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Put this way it may seem a little far-fetched that a few simple exercises lasting just a few minutes can be the key to end a disorder as serious as anxiety, but those who have tried it say that it works and that it really does what it promises. So the only way to put your doubts to rest is to try it for yourself and find out if the theory is as good as it seems.

After all, all the great theories of the world needed to be put into practice to verify their effects and to be able to convince other people that what was explained in words could have a real effect on people’s lives. Why would it be any different with this revolutionary method that Barry explains about anxiety and panic? Try it and let yourself be surprised as thousands of other people with the same problem have already done.

What does the Panic Away program consist of?

By purchasing the Panic Away program the user will receive a wide variety of downloadable and physical multimedia content, this will vary depending on the version you decide to buy, and a series of bonuses that will give you extra information outside the standard general treatment. However, although there are several program modalities, all versions will consist of a standard part with which you will be able to apply all of Barry’s teachings to end your anxiety problem:


This ebook consists of about 247 complete pages of techniques and reflections to end anxiety and the author’s own story about how he came to overcome his fears through them. All the people who have already read it say that their symptoms began to diminish after understanding everything he had written in those pages. Almost miraculous!

Panic Away DVD

The DVD is a condensed version of the theory explained in the book that will teach you how to start fighting panic in just 48 minutes. It is a high definition video where the author talks directly to his patients and that you will be able to purchase both in physical format and in the downloadable digital version.

Panic Away CD

In addition to the physical paper version and the explanatory video, the program also includes a CD with tracks so that people can learn the teachings through their headphones. The CD will help people suffering from anxiety to fight all their fears, fight insomnia and control all their nervous impulses through relaxing dialogues with background music that will make them forget about the world around them and enter a state of absolute peace.


In addition, there are also a series of additional bonuses with extra content that will complement the lessons of the program and will give you the possibility to interact with other people who are putting it into practice at that moment. The first bonus consists of a Panic Away Forum and a live chat open 24 hours a day that will allow you to exchange opinions and concerns with other people who have the same problem as you.

On the other hand, the second bonus of additional content will allow you to hear real conversations of other people who have already put the program into practice, giving you a more real and human point of view of the relaxation techniques explained in it and serving as an example to know how you should do it to start noticing its effects.

And finally, the program also offers the possibility of hiring a special voucher with an additional cost of $150 that will allow you to have the direct and personal advice of Barry McDonagh, the Coaching Panic Away voucher. The price of this voucher is more than justified, since Barry is based in Ireland and the number of people who try to contact him directly is immense, so being able to have direct contact with him to talk about the program and your progress is a privilege.

The pros and cons of the program

Finally, and to conclude our review of the Panic Away program, we are going to make a detailed list of the main pros and cons of this innovative self-help treatment. This list is based on our personal opinion and the testimony of thousands of people who have left their opinion about the program through its official website and other points of sale.


  • The book included with the program is very well written, easy to understand and has a wide variety of examples that allow the reader to empathize and apply the teachings on their own.
  • The program is entirely based on a true story, which gives confidence to the story and makes the reader feel identified and connect with the writer.
  • It has a wide variety of activities and alternative treatments that will make the user’s experience very enjoyable.
  • The support forum has created a great community of people who help each other and share their experiences from all over the world.
  • The price is really affordable for the amount of content it offers.
  • It has proven to be effective and guarantees long-term results for people suffering from all kinds of severe anxiety disorders, such as fear of flying or agoraphobia.


  • It is not a conventional self-help program, i.e. there is no traditional doctor-patient role where the patient feels constantly supported by a mentor.
  • At times the patient may feel a bit lost or lonely through such a long program with so much information and misses the interaction with a specialist for guidance
  • Although it is really effective it is not a miraculous system, there can always be cases in which it does not generate the expected effect.
  • The e-book does not have a chapter index that allows the reader to jump quickly from one point to another.

Final verdict

In conclusion and as a final assessment of the whole program as a whole, our recommendation about the Panic Away program devised by Barry McDonagh will always be the same: it is very much worth buying. With the revolutionary self-help method that Barry has worked hard to design over the years, all people who have ever felt misunderstood and who continue to search for a solution to their panic will find comfort, a friendly voice telling them that they are not alone and that everything will work out. In short, this program deserves the five stars that thousands of people have given it and it is worth reading and listening to every single word it contains.

Don’t hesitate to try it!


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