Lower anxiety with 5 steps to improve your mental health


Lower anxiety with 5 steps lower anxiety

The word anxiety from the Encyclopedia of Psychology is defined as any emotion that leads to tension, prolonged worried thoughts or sudden change in the physical health such as trembling, sweating or rapid heartbeat. If you face any of such symptoms, you may fall under a victim of possessing anxiety.

Anxiety can kick in at any age of an adult life and if not treated, it can overwhelm anyone at any time of the day. Various studies have shown that anxiety affects 40million of adult life in the U.S every year, ages can range from 18years to older. Anxiety are treatable depending on the individual, unfortunately only 37% receive treatment while the rest suffer in silence.

Therefore, there are various ways to lower anxiety by natural ways, not only are they proven effective but it can significantly decrease the sudden occurrence or uncontrollable moments of fear and over-thinking. Remember to try out all these points and find the one’s which will suite you the most. As every human being has a different kind of anxiety level, some techniques may work best for some individuals to lower anxiety and likewise the rest may not apply to their lifestyle.

Anxiety can start of from short overthinking to sudden panic and trembling feeling if it is prolonged being untreated. Hence, if your anxiety is too extreme, we recommend you to seek professional help instead. Therapy not only reduce anxiety but it can also eliminate it from the life of the individual.

Reasons and causes of anxiety

Anxiety is a common illness, and the first thing you should know is that you are not alone facing it, almost 1 out of 13 people are inflected with various form of anxiety, with the increase in social media influences and economic development, the rate are expected to get higher. There are many factors that leads to anxiety, several effects depending on the individual lifestyle and environmental conditions can influence a trigger in anxiety. The most common ones are due to job issues, exams or speaking up in a public gathering, death of a love one, loneliness and grief.

It occurs when you are overwhelmed with feelings that you can no longer control, this is a natural behavior of many people. What matters is how you manage your feelings in order not to fall into the spiral of never ending thoughts while you realized that you have spent the rest of the day overthinking.

The steps below can help lower anxiety, it gives you set back to not fall into the rabbit hole, but to slowly overcome your over thinking process and infuse a sense of awareness before you get to the extreme point.

1-Join community Groups

lower anxiety community groups

By surrounding yourself with the people that have anxiety issues or disorders like you, an atmosphere of being in a community that embraces and talks openly about how they feel can provide a connection in how you are going through with your anxiety. You will realize that you are not alone in this, and that thousands of people have the same feeling you are facing. This is a great way for you to analyze and get information about how they try to cope up with it while living normal lives.

Apart from face-to-face groups, social platform groups are a great way to join in easily. Such as Facebook groups or online website groups, holds thousands of active members that are voluntarily available to help people with anxiety. What’s best is anyone can voice out how they feel and quick replies will accommodate the individual about their own personal perspective and might even offer to talk to you in case you have no one to talk to. Such platforms provide support and consideration that can help you calm your anxiety knowing that they understand how you feel.


lower anxiety, breathing

Sudden panic attack is difficult to control, once you know you are getting into that track, collect all your thoughts into focusing on your breathing movement. Take one gulp of air into your lungs, hold it for 5 seconds and release it slowly, do the same steps 5-6 times till you feel calmer and relax.

Studies reveal that deep breathing not only calms the mind, but rejuvenates the body from negative thinking and digest in positive energy. The huge air that you just gulp in fills the mind with a higher volume of oxygen levels and hence distracts the mind in any form of overthinking. That is why it said that meditation helps in boasting up energy levels and keeps the mind and body at a balanced phase.

Meditation techniques involves the changing pattern of breathing by focusing your mind into it, the mind finally gets a view on the surrounding and signals the brain that the environment is safe and there is nothing to worry about. So remember to breathe and download meditating voices that can help in calming your nerves down.

3- Actions

lower anxiety, actions exercise

Another way to beat anxiety is distracting your thoughts, this can be done by getting up and doing any chores, cooking or baking something new, going for a walk or even watching a seasonal series or funny videos on YouTube. The point is to always try to distract the mind into getting busy, do not let the mind wonder too long otherwise it might call out all the forbidden thoughts and auto replay it in your head the whole day.

The key is to keep yourself busy, another technique is by mentally tiring your body through physical pressures. Try any exercise or physical work, the more you tire the brain the lesser it uses energy to overthinking. If it’s easy for you, join any sports club or set a timing to go jogging at least an hour a day. Studies reveal that regular exercise release endorphins, these are natural chemicals in the brain that keeps the mood happy and fight off any negative stress. You might have observed it once you go for a long walk in nature or garden areas, you feel calmer and relax.

For that reason, medical doctors in japan have recommended their patients to walk in natural parks to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. The results are astounding of almost 80% feel an enormous difference in their thinking and perspective approach. Thus, specialize park in japan are constructed especially for those that many need self-counselling and moments to process their feelings.

4- Friends help lower anxiety

Getting someone to talk to about your feelings might be your last resort, but you need to try to talk to any close family or reliable friends about how you feel. Just venting out about your day or the problem that is bothering you can release the weight off your shoulders and are a great way to lower anxiety. Friends are not only there to hear you out, but they might add support to whatever trouble you are going through.

They might find jobs for you in their circle of references, if it’s a money issue they might know someone that can help or they might even find the best therapist for you. Don’t take them for granted, they are there to support you and likewise wouldn’t you do the same for them?

Stop with the worrying of them not being able to help, it’s worth a try to get your word out instead of bottling up inside. Head for the phone and tell them how your feeling and ask their opinions, you will be surprise with the support you can get.


lower anxiety food

Last but not the least, yes. Of course. Diet can lower anxiety.

Diet makes a huge deference in the chemical reactions of the human mind and body. Intake of food, such as alcohol and caffeine, are addictive but are also the reason of triggering anxiety and depression. The top foods that you need to avoid are processed foods, oily and fried items, high sugar content products and high fat dairy products. Am sure you have it store back in the kitchen or hidden it somewhere in your bedroom. Cut these items in your lifestyle and you will see wonders.

Instead, replace them with healthy food such as fiber-rich grains, green vegetables, fruits and fish. These foods are not only healthy, but it balances the moody receptors in the brain. That is why you are less likely to meet any “healthy diet conscious” people that are suffering from anxiety. Good diet contains healthy nutrients that keeps the body healthy and thus reduces the mind from any form of stress. If you cannot afford to eat healthy, there are multi-vitamin supplements available at a lower price that holds all the essential nutrients to keep you healthy. The key is to just avoid those foods that can trigger your anxiety.

Another tip to lower anxiety is to note down all the food that you feel triggers your anxiety, the moment you feel your being drowned of thoughts or felt a sudden shock of anxiety, think about what you ate the whole day or the day before it. Being aware of the food-causing-anxiety will remind you of the foods you should eliminate from your system.

“Observe the change within you”

Try out these 5 steps for a week and observe any change in your anxiety levels, if you observe any significant change then continue it for a month. If you see no change in your  anxiety levels, then do not hesitate to seek professional help, there’s no harm in applying for it. Anxiety like all forms of illness is a disease that is curable and should not be ignored but rather acknowledge while implementing ways to reduce it.

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