Home Gardening Tricks


Some simple gardening tricks for which we are not experts nor do us have resources to invest large amounts of money in the care of our garden.

Recycle used coffee and tea bags as fertilizer for rose bushes or azaleas

The tea bags and coffee used are an excellent fertilizer for rose bushes or azaleas and rhodders. They are an excellent fertilizer for plants that need an acid substrate.

Kill slugs with beer

It’s a bit disgusting, but it works. At night, place some dishes or bowls full of beer in the area where you have seen slugs. They will be attracted to the smell and drown in beer.

Homemade potion to kill weeds

To kill weeds in the garden mix some vodka with a few drops of dishwasher and water and pour it on the plants you want to kill. It only works in places with a lot of sun.

Make a frame for climbing plants

If you have an old umbrella, remove all the cloth, put the tip in the ground and use it as a support for climbing plants.

Olive oil for geraniums

If you want to show off geraniums, throw a few drops of olive oil on the ground near the roots, with this trick you will get them to bloom more beautifully and quickly.

Use the eggshells as fertilizer

The eggshells can also be used as fertilizer or to repel pests. Crush the shells and place them at the bottom of the plant.

The water used to cook eggs is rich in mineral salts and nutrients.

Vinegar as a substitute for fertilizers

The acetic acid that vinegar contains is perfect for houseplants. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar with 3 liters of water and water the plants with this mixture from time to time.

Use the used tea bags and coffee filters to cover the pot holes

With this simple trick you will avoid losing soil when you water excessively and only filtered water will pass, so that the substrate is not lost.

Use nails to add iron to the substrate

Enter 2 or 3 nails near the plant, the iron will oxidize when wet and the soil of your plants will be nourished by that iron.

Use vegetable or rice cooking water 

When you make vegetables or cooked rice do not throw the water and use it to water your plants. This water will provide your plants with many nutrients and vitamins. Be careful, you have to be careful not to add salt or spices to the cooking water.

Cinnamon powder against insects 

Cinnamon is great for keeping pests under control, just sprinkle some cinnamon around the plant or in the area where you want to avoid insects

Use banana skins as fertilizers

Banana skin is very rich in potassium and is a fantastic natural fertilizer. For a small pot put a tablespoon of banana skins mixed with the earth.

Another way to use them is to cook 3 or 4 banana peels in water with a teaspoon of sugar and use this water to water the plants.

Gravel to prevent splashing on windows

If you have pots in the sale, put gravel on the ground, in this way you will avoid that your windows are dotted with dirt when it rains.



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