How to spread positivism to the negative people around you


How to convey optimism to the pessimistic people who are part of your life

What to do when we see that family member who spends all day complaining about the life he has? Or when we see these friends protesting day and night of their work? And what about those people who are never satisfied with anything?

Happiness is available at every moment, in all those imperfect moments scattered throughout our daily lives. Focusing on the greatness of each of those moments is the key.

That does not mean that worry, sadness or anger have no place in any normal life. But always seeing the half-empty glass is not a great way to live life.

How to encourage and spread optimism?

Being positive is a life skill. The more you practice the more the improvements. And the same thing happens with being negative. All those pessimistic people you know are because they have chosen to keep the negative side.

The shared positivity two people feeling the same emotion can be more beneficial than a positive experience for yourself. Watching a movie with a friend, sharing good news, a joke or silly and funny little situations are the spark that makes our day.

The example is the most powerful way to influence others.

If you want to encourage and spread positivism in others:

1. Do good things for others

Making others happy makes you happier. It can be something as simple as helping someone with the bags or providing direction to a stranger.

2. Appreciate the world around you

It could be a bird, a tree, a beautiful sunrise or sunset or even an article of clothing that someone is wearing. I met a man recently who delighted in the architectural details of the nineteenth-century houses in my neighborhood.

03. Strengthen your relationships

Having strong ties with your friends and family improves your feelings of self-worth and is related to better health and a longer life.

  1. Set goals you can achieve

You may want to improve your yoga skills or spend more time reading. But be realistic, an impractical or too ambitious goal can create unnecessary stress.

5. Learn something new

It can be a sport, a language, an instrument or a game that conveys in you a sense of achievement and confidence in yourself. But don’t forget to be realistic about how much time it can take and make sure you have the necessary time.

6. Choose to accept you, with defects and everything

Forget your imperfections and failures, focus on your attributes and achievements. The most beautiful people I know do not have any external feature of beauty, they shine with the inner light of attention, compassion and consideration of others.

7. Practice Resilience

Being resilient is not allowing loss, stress, failure or the drama of life to overwhelm you. It is to use all that as learning experiences and steps for a better future.

8. Practice Mindfulness

Remembering past problems or imagining future worries steals your attention from all the pleasures that are right before your eyes. Let go of things you can’t control and focus on the here and now.

Being positive does not change your life. But it does change you. And when you change, the way you see life changes too.

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