Make up at the gym, yes or no?


Many of us have ever gone to the gym and we have encountered the typical woman “before dead than simple”, and that is when you wonder what she has really done to the gym, whether to flirt or really get rid of calories of the pizza from last night. We all like to be beautiful, but you also have to know what is best for each situation.

So now is when you ask yourself: then, can you go make up to the gym? The answer is yes and no. Next, we detail those products that are suitable for the gym, for those who refuse to give up makeup, and those that are not so.


Makeup base

Experts do not recommend it. Using a makeup base and subsequently sweating will cause clogging of the pores and therefore will not let the skin perspire properly, interrupting sweating and subsequently producing the dreaded acne or blackheads. The same goes for the concealer or liquid illuminator.


Any liquid product is somewhat risky in the gym, since with contact with sweat it can cause great damage, and that is not what we want when we put on makeup.


Basically because with the very continuous breathing training the lipstick it will dry your lips a lot and will hardly last you a few minutes. Opt better for a lip balm with some pigmentation to hydrate the lips.


APTOS Products

The goal is to get a very natural makeup, as if you were not wearing makeup, get a “good face effect “.


Only mineral powders, since they do not clog pores. Whether they are solar powders, to give some color to our face or a little blush on our cheeks.

BB cream

Opt for a moisturizer with color or bb cream, avoid products composed of alcohol or silicones. In the case of doing sports abroad it is important to use sunscreen, in this case bet on one with color.


The mascara and eyeliner only fit waterproof, but sweat will completely ruin your look.

It is very important to clean your face before training because, by opening the pores all the bacteria that your skin has after all day will absorb them. You should also clean your face after training to eliminate bacteria that you may have taken during training, either with a shower or micelle water.



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