How To Be More Creative in 2021


How to be more creative

How to be more creative in 2021

Often, we hear from our teachers or parents that the highest achiever in this class is creative. But, what does it mean to be more creative? Is it something you can develop naturally, or do you need to work on it? Well, here is the answer.

What is creativity?

Creativity is when a person uses their imagination to create something. For example, to turn something from fiction into non-fiction, To be more creative, you can be a problem solver. As the famous saying says, “work smart, not hard.”

Fun Fact:

Do you know May 30th is “National Creativity day”?

The theme for 2021 was

“Creative Economy for Sustainable Development”. 

Here are ten characteristics of being more creative.

Energetic and attentive can make you more creative.

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Strong physical and mental health is required to be a more creative person. They can labor for hours to finish a task that captures their minds and yet appear to be excited while doing the task.

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Having a more creative mind doesn’t really imply that you are working on something 24/7. On the contrary, more creative individuals are also artistic, inventive, filled with curiosity, and spend a lot of time resting, silently wondering about fascinating issues.

Clever and Innocent

Although more creative individuals are primarily intelligent, studies show that having a high IQ is not always linked with high levels of creativity.

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In research performed by Lewis Terman, children with high IQs performed better in life, while children with extremely high IQs were not great thinkers.

It is shown in many types of research that there is a cutoff point at roughly 120.1. So they have a more than average IQ that may help with being creative, but an IQ of more than 120 doesn’t guarantee better thinking or decisions.

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Creative balance is knowing when and which ideas need to be pursued, which to redo and which to quit. These qualities are essential to being a more creative person.

The book by Csikszentmihalyi, “The Creativity Economy,” contends that more creative individuals need to have uncertainty so that they can stay curious and appreciative of life’s changing experiences.

To be more creative, you need to be jolly and well-mannered.

Creativity enables individuals to multitask, stay focused, and be determined about each task they are performing. Unfortunately, in most cases, they end up working for long hours, staying up at night, until they have satisfied themselves with the outcome.

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What would you think of an artist if you met them for the first time? They lead a romantic, entertaining, and fabulous lifestyle. Achieving success in the arts, however, is not an easy task. To realize true creativity, you have to incorporate both enjoyable and challenging work.

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Someone who has a more creative or artistic bent may appear carefree, but they can also be highly dedicated and ambitious when following their interests.

Balance Life in the real world and illusions to be more creative.

Creative individuals often like to daydream and imagine all the beautiful opportunities and delights the world offers. They daydream and imagine in such a manner that they get lost in their dreams and imaginations while remaining in reality. They are referred to as daydreamers because they do not see the world through rose-colored glasses.

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People who come up with solutions to real-world problems, such as researchers, designers, and songwriters, find practical ways to make their ideas a reality.

Balance the introvert and extrovert within yourself.

A famous author said it is crucial to apply both extroversion and introversion when discovering and harnessing creativity.

Although people seem to be either introverted or extroverted, this fact has been confirmed through extensive research.

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Introverts tend to have extroverted characteristics, while more creative people share introverted and extroverted traits.

The experience of having to interact with others will provide them with ideas and inspiration, and individuals who need to concentrate can go quiet to fill up all their creative resources.

More creative people do not dwell on their accomplishments all of the time.

Highly creative individuals also feel pride in their accomplishments, but they also recognize their position. It is common for professionals in a particular field to have a high level of respect for those who came before them and their contributions to their field. When compared to others, their work is remarkably notable, but they don’t obsess over it.

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Those who have more creative minds often find themselves preoccupied with their next idea or project, which distracts them from reflecting on past successes.

The qualities of more creative individuals are mostly related to the traits associated with both masculinity and femininity, meaning they can be both sensitive and caring (also known as “feminine”) while also demonstrating assertiveness and authority (often known as masculinity).

Understand the people around you.

People are usually considered rebellious or “out-of-the-box” thinkers just because they come up with unique ideas. However, Csikszentmihalyi says that people must first come to grips with their natural norms and traditions to be more creative.

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If you want to be creative, you first need to be okay with being traditional and rebellious. Second, you need to have the ability to appreciate and learn from your past mistakes and not commit those same mistakes again.

Everything can be made possible by optimism, energy, and excitement.

“Optimism is not necessarily a bad thing.” When it comes to projects, the importance of taking a positive attitude is grossly underappreciated. The success of any endeavour is guaranteed if it is driven by enthusiasm and optimism from the beginning. You will be more creative once you have the energy to create it right away and to make it something completely different from what it was before.

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Creative individuals take criticism as an appreciation.

You should passionately love the work you do to be creative because it is only possible to produce a masterpiece if you are passionately interested in your career. Furthermore, being a creative person enables you to derive pleasure from your work while also subjecting it to critical analysis.

Those who are more creative are also able to view their work as an objective. Being open to constructive criticism from others enables them to look at their work objectively and identify areas that require attention.

Be ready to take risks.

Often, more creative people are also more open and sensitive, which has both positive and negative aspects. On the other hand, risk-takers who show up with new ideas are sometimes hated and criticized. It can’t be perfect for someone who has spent so much time and money creating something new and unique.

The fact that you are happy with being creative should make you believe that any possible pain is worth the benefits they provide.

Do you have a member in your family or amongst your friend who is very creative? Do you want to know how you can celebrate creativity?

Create a network of people who are creative.

Working alone may be tough and monotonous at the same time. Place high importance on your network of creative people as a source of inspiration. Encourage yourself to experiment with different techniques and take chances. “Beginning with your contemporaries, your fellow practitioners of the future, is the best way to build your creative network. These individuals will create the nucleus of your creative community, from which will grow a thriving ecosystem of creativity.”

Some of the most common tips to celebrate creativity are: 

There is nothing more creative than building a family book club of your own.

It’s a great activity that promotes family reading and lets everyone have fun. For example, you may set up a family reading club and let each family member choose age-appropriate books each month. This is a perfect task for those interested in making characters, settings, and storylines part of the materials and creations they make.

Find your own movie to create.

A great way to have fun while filming your family is to plan an elaborate skit, a comedy show, a sports program, a play, or a dance performance. Then, while in costume, assign roles and deliver your own speech. The rest of the process is quite simple: Make a movie using your smartphone or digital camera, and then organize a viewing party for family and friends.

Locate outside opportunities.

Please bring your children to a planetarium or on a nature excursion so they may learn about the cosmos, the world, animals, and the environment. They may create drawings and record information about the planets, animals, and plants they’ve just observed when they return home.

Weekly crafting is a good idea.

Using paint, chalk, clay, paper, and other materials provides an outlet for children to unleash their inner Picasso by providing them with a weekly creative challenge to accomplish. Take advantage of the current weather or plan ahead to celebrate future holidays or birthdays by finding a creative way to incorporate the season or remember the upcoming occasion.

To celebrate creativity, we believe these fun activities will be beneficial to you and your family. Show us your creativeness in the comments below or through Facebook and Twitter.

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