After Graduation 5 things you need to know


After Graduation 5 things you need to know

after graduation

After graduation is the time period when your academic hard work is finally paid off. You start dreaming about your ideal job, even your family and close relatives have high expectations from you. With these dreams and expectations, the fresh graduates usually go through a series of anxiety and fear about what to do next. Transitions always come with doubts and concerns, yet this transition from student life to professional life can be more difficult. For the rest of your life, you are always told to do well in school, go to a good college, and succeed in every way of life.

After you graduate from college, what do you do next? How do you achieve success? How do you get into the real world in today’s frightening economy with no genuine jobs and opportunities? If you are looking for these answers than you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss what to do after graduation and then we will provide some tips to deal with this fear or anxiety that occurs because of the gap between your dreams and reality.

There are so many ways you can go after university – everyone’s journey is different. You can look for a graduate job, enroll in a postgraduate course, or set up your own business. If you want to get more experience before you make a choice then you need to educate yourself or volunteer in any platform that can showcase or improve your skills. These will also help you understand what your interest are what to do next.

1)      Focus on yourself and your mental health

after graduation

After graduation, we are usually in the rush to grab a job and start earning the desired amount of money. Yet, before doing that, you need to give yourself time to find yourself.

According to a Harvard consideration, 25% of graduates go through severe symptoms of anxiety or depression in the last year of their college phase. After graduation, these symptoms may vanish for a time being, yet these can reoccur within the next six months. Some of you may go to an unknown place after graduation in search of a job, yet this can affect your mental health.

In such cases, Psychologists usually recommend that you should chase your passion while checking up on your self-care simultaneously so you can adjust to these changes. With a healthy mind, you can make confident choices for yourself and overcome whatever obstacles cross your path. The key is to always be optimistic of the future and be patience for your next-big hit to surprise you.

To read more about how to deal with anxiety click here.

2)      Keep chasing your goals

Sometimes you may feel low or go under a temporary depression phase after graduation because of not being able to do something productive. These are common symptoms that many graduates face. It happens so because you get tired after applying in several positions, re-editing CVs, interviews and yet there is always a lack of response. Sometimes it can be difficult or frustrating, and it is important to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Therefore, you need to re-test how you do things and adjust accordingly, but never give up.

Remember why this is important to you and that every step counts as you’re making progress. Regular fuelling of positive words or optimistic thinking will definitely fuel your will, especially if you do so every day, which will lead you in the right direction.

This makes it easier because it does not drag or get old. So, in such cases, organize your list of goals and start working on them one by one. Being organized about your goals will help you in keeping your focus in the right direction and also in keeping you motivated to achieve them now or later in life.

For example, if you’re passionate in photography, join community groups of art, find people in social platforms that match your interest and skills. Observe how they make income and how they try pitching clients. Many experience individuals love to share their success online and help other passionate members into finding what they need and offer tips on effective tools that can help anyone succeed.

3)      Ignite your Hobbies

after graduation

After graduation, try new hobbies. Hobbies help us stay stress free. This is mostly something you love to do when you are too low, or you have too much free time. It makes you more interesting as a person. People with interests can share experiences and stories with others. There are specialize educators that teach to those who are also interested in the specific things they do.

It helps to reduce stress by engaging in work that you enjoy doing. Hobbies give your mind a way to relieve stress in everyday life. They allow you to relax and enjoy activities that are not related to work or other responsibilities. Hobbies can help you forgive more. To develop a new hobby, you need to question yourself about your interest and things you love doing with no cost.

Having a passion helps your social life and builds rapport with others. A hobby means you can enjoy it regularly with other people. Whether you are joining a club, playing in the league, cooking, singing or painting. A hobby is a superb way to meet people with the same interest as you. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem. A hobby that truly devotes your time will lead you to create new skills and hence use it to provide services to others.

For example: If you love cooking, you might sign up for any cooking competition or provide a catering service to your friends or family circle.

The more time you spend on your hobby, the better and faster you will be at it. As you develop new skills, you gain new knowledge through the development of your hobby. No matter what hobby you choose, you are definitely prone to fresh ideas. Hobbies can help you grow in a variety of ways and initiate innovative ideas within you. When you choose a new hobby, you engage in exciting and challenging activities. This helps you in staying mentally active too.

4)      Family importance

After graduation, you have plenty of time and instead of wasting it in overthinking, which can ruin your mental health, you should spend time with your friends and loved ones. Let your circle of personal relationship grow healthy. Do treat your close ones with love and respect. This helps in protecting and improving your mental health.

Psychologist suggests that having a trusted person at your support help you face challenges. You can thus share your personal, educational, or professional frustrations with trusted people outside of work. Communicating with loved ones can be like therapy. This way you can lower the burden of your heart and feel light.

5)      Taking up short courses

after graduation

In this exceedingly competitive market in today’s world, completing your degree may not be sufficient, so increasingly individuals are looking forward to consider signing up for short courses. The undergrad course is unquestionably an included advantage. Upon completing your degree, you may think being a well-educated individual in your circle it will be simple to secure a job anywhere.

Over time, you realize that graduation is only a portion of the essential education that each individual must-have. The after graduation period is especially imperative once you arrange your career and think about options.

For example, if you’re a science graduate and interested in learning about business or investing in business. Then you can enroll in a short business course such as  marketing, HR, framework administration, operations, to commerce analytics.


While selecting these courses keep in mind that a particular course should accord to your passion and taste. Most grads do not know how to manage money, so taking up extra classes or courses for money management is always a plus point. Similarly, taking up language courses is a great choice as it can help you qualify for a job in a place where they have a distinct language or may require specific language.

Here are most trending short courses of the year 2020.

Getting into the vortex of graduate life brings tons of emotions, thoughts and hopes into the equation. Graduation marks the beginning of a new era where a person is exposed to a wide variety of possibilities and opportunities, but this time he or she is responsible for every action. Graduate life falls into one of the following categories: You know what you like and what you don’t like, or you know what you want, but you don’t think you can get it.

Life after graduation can be a mess for a while. But with proper planning and doing things in the right direction can make you more skillful. Always remember that hard work is the necessity of success. Don’t waste your time and energy on useless activities, such as gaming or parties instead be productive and volunteer to work. There is a famous saying of Steves Jobs is

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

Hence, you should always be determined and focused on what you really want in life, eventually working hard towards your goal will definitely open new doors and surprises.








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