Tips for buying safe toys this Christmas


Despite being made for children, not all toys are safe for them, choosing safe and suitable toys for each age is a very important factor for the safety of our children.

Every year there are many children who end up in the emergency room due to injuries related to toys, most of which could have been avoided. The asphyxia remains the leading cause of infant death.

There is nothing more wonderful than seeing the face of pleasure and joy of a child when opening gifts every Christmas but we have to be aware that not all the toys we find in the market are safe, and it is important to be aware of the importance of Be diligent when shopping this season, always keeping in mind the age of the child to whom the toy is intended and making sure that the gift complies with safety regulations.

Some tips to choose toys this Christmas

  • Buy toys according to the child’s age. It is important to take into account the classification by agegroups recommended by the manufacturer in toy packaging.
  • Buy toys in safe places. Beware of places not specialized in toys such as multi-price stores, as they may have toys that have not passed the appropriate security controls. In the case of buying in second-hand stores, such as eBay, although they often have toys in excellent condition, it is better to check them and wash them before giving them to children.
  • Painted toys must contain lead-free paint.
  • Check if the toy has sharp edgesthat can cause scratches.
  • Avoid moving parts that can pinchsmall fingers.
  • Avoid toys that contain small removable partsthat can pose a choking hazard, such as nose, eyes and mouth in stuffed animals. These types of pieces must be firmly attached.
  • Avoid toys with magnets. In addition to assuming a choking hazard, in case the child ingests them, they can cause intestinal perforations.
  • Avoid toys that have long chains or cordsthat can be dangerous for babies and young children as they can cause strangulation if the cable is wrapped around the child’s neck.
  • Buy toys that are preferably made of flame resistant materials.
  • In the case of toys that need batteries, it is necessary to check them periodically to avoid things likebattery acid leaks that can cause fatal injuries.
  • The musical toysor make some kind of noise, it may be advisable to cover them with tape speakers as children’s ears are more sensitive.
  • Beware of jewelry and / or cosmetics that may contain toxic chemicals.


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