Tips for an ecological and sustainable Halloween


In recent years there are many experts who warn that we have to change our way of life and our customs and begin to be more committed to the care of the environment and the sustainability of our planet if we want a future for the planet we inhabit and for our children

Halloween is traditionally an unfriendly party with the environment but taking into account some small details and with a little imagination we can have a great Halloween and also take care of the planet. We give you some ideas to celebrate a more ecological and responsible Halloween with the environment.

1. Use natural materials

Use natural materials for decoration, leaf crowns, and dry branches, put colored fabrics on the lamps to dim the light, cardboard to make graves or skulls, pumpkins, pineapples. Do not use silicone to paste.

2. Avoid using silicone

Silicone is one of the glue used to make crafts but silicone is not biodegradable. You can opt for more ecological glues and glues or make your own homemade glue or paste.

3. Recycle and reuse materials

Think of a costume you can do by reusing what you have at home, do not buy costumes made of pvc or vinyl, ask your friends and family for costumes from other years that can be reused or buy second-hand costumes.

For the decoration, take out your creative side and think of ideas that you can do by recycling materials that you have at home, tubes and cardboard boxes, wood, plastic boats …

4. Avoid printing 

If you are going to have a party send the tickets via mail or whatsapp. Avoid printing, use the paper material you have at home and find a way to take advantage of it. If there are folios printed on one side you can draw pictures on the back and draw and cut out some traditional Halloween figures.

5. Candy and Halloween snack

Avoid buying sweets that come individually wrapped, buy large packages or better sweets wrapped in cardboard packages. In general, replace straws, cups and plastic plates with other more sustainable options such as disposable paper or bamboo dishes. Buy a paper tablecloth and draw or cut out typical Halloween figures to decorate it.

6. Trick or treat bag

Do not buy the typical plastic pumpkin, you can decorate or buy a cloth bag or reuse a bucket or make it with cardboard.

7. Use chemical-free ecological paints

Many of the paints we usually use to decorate or paint our faces contain dangerous chemicals, such as lead, nickel, cobalt and chromium, which can cause serious health risks and are harmful to the environment. Opt for greener paints free of all these harmful substances.

8. Use led lights

If you are going to buy lights to decorate, opt for LED lights, they are more durable and eco-efficient, LED lights consume less energy and are more environmentally friendly.

If you have more ideas to celebrate a more sustainable and environmentally responsible Halloween, leave us a comment and tell us. Small gestures can change the world.



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