What Is My Purpose In Life? – 7 useful tips


What Is My Purpose In Life – 7 useful tips

The formula for the purpose in life might appear to be, developing a solid career, being a devoted family member, and forming close personal ties. The only drawback is that those who check off all of these boxes may feel that something is missing—and that “something” is their life’s purpose.

The cliche ” What is my purpose in life?” isn’t just a hope that can never be fulfilled; it is something that has already been proven to exist. It’s a tool that allows you to have a better, happier, healthier life, and it is not widely used.

One analysis in the new york times found that only 25% of adults had pondered over how much their life had a meaning, while another 40% claim neutrality or say they don’t. 

Donate time, money, or talent  

If you have a sense of purpose in life, what do you need it for?

purpose in life

Eudemonic well-being (which includes a sense of purpose in life and a feeling of control and worthiness) was associated with longevity, according to a study published in Applied Psychology in 2010. Further analysis found that well-being may act as a health maintenance mechanism. Thirty percent lower risk of mortality in the eight-and-a-half-year follow-up period was seen in that research.

Researchers have also discovered that the connection between having a sense of purpose in life and health outcomes that have a positive impact, such as decreased strokes, heart attacks, and improved sleeping patterns, included findings such as: 

A study was published in a journal in 2016 that declared that the people who have a sense of purpose in life earn more money than those who do not believe their work has a meaning.

 It does not matter in the end whether you have wealth or are able to live a meaningful life. If you have a purpose in life, you’re likely to earn more money.

After taking into consideration all of the benefits, it is apparent that we must discover the purpose in life and the meaning in our lives. The concepts of “purpose in life” and “meaning” are challenging to grasp.

An important part of this process is taking the time to assess your interests, listening to others, and discovering where your true passions lie.

By implementing these seven ideas, you will be able to discover or unveil your purpose in life, so you can start living a more meaningful life.

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Listen to Feedback to find your purpose in life

purpose in life

The one action you can take to discover your purpose in life is to help others.

Researchers at Florida State University and Stanford discovered that both happiness and meaning were connected, but they were different. For example, the feeling as if one was a taker first and then a giver was related to satisfaction while feeling like a giver first and then a taker connected to meaning. Bridging the gap between people and connecting them to having a more purposeful life made one the “giver” in a relationship.

While altruistic behaviors could include volunteering for a nonprofit organization, donating money to causes you care about, or simply helping people around you on a daily basis, some of the most significant altruistic behaviors take place within the business environment. 

You can feel as though your life has meaning by serving meals in a soup kitchen or by driving your elderly neighbor to the grocery store once a week.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

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According to the old saying, you are what you associate yourself with. How do you relate to the people you choose to spend time with?

Instead, try to avoid thinking about your coworkers or family members who you feel you have to visit. Take time to reflect on who you spend time with in addition to your job and your family events.

You can also read the book by Rick Warren: Why am I here?

You reveal something about yourself when you choose whom you spend time with. When surrounded by positive change-makers, you may draw inspiration from them.

However, if your surrounding individuals are pessimists who hold you back, you may want to make changes. When there are people around you who fail to make positive contributions in your life, it is difficult to feel the passion and a sense of purpose in life.  

Start Conversations With New People

You can easily use social media on your own time when you’re traveling on the subway or waiting for a friend at a bar. Don’t succumb to the temptation. Instead, spend the time getting to know the people you’re surrounded by.

Ask them what projects they are working on and if they have any hobbies. If they have an interest in volunteering or donating, have them discuss charities or organizations with which they are involved.

Starting conversations with people you don’t know may feel uncomfortable at first, but you could find new activities, causes, or careers that you never knew about.

Discovering new activities or destinations may be part of your travels. Identifying your purpose in life could be tied to your overall well-being.

However, if your surrounding individuals are pessimists who hold you back, you may want to make changes. When people around you fail to make positive contributions in your life, it becomes difficult to feel passionate and purposeful.

Explore your interests: 

Can you think of any topic in which you regularly discuss in a Facebook status update or a Twitter post? Do you post regularly about climate change or displaced persons?

Is there a constant stream of photos on Instagram of you gardening or performing?

Determine what you love to discover the purpose in life

To help you determine your answers, you may want to consider the conversations you enjoy having with others when you’re sitting face-to-face. Do you enjoy discussing historical facts? Or do you prefer to show people your most recent money-saving tips?

Your favorite topics to discuss and posts you like to share on social media reveal your reasons for existence.

101 Tiny Home Ideas

People often have causes or projects around injustice, their pet peeves. If you have to think about something that makes you really unhappy, does that truly bother you on a fundamental level?

Possibly, it could be organizations that advocate for animal welfare, issues pertaining to civil rights, or childhood obesity. Your sensitivity may have you in tears if you consider senior citizens spending the holidays alone, or it could be that substance abusers could benefit from additional rehabilitation programs. Organizations like these are available, and they need your help.

Engaging in your purpose in life full-time is not necessarily required. Your career might give you the freedom to help an organization you care about. If you can donate your time, rather than cash, to a cause you believe in, you may discover that you are capable of volunteering.

Purpose in Life

Discover What You Love to Do in order to find your purpose in life

Along the opposite end of the spectrum, simply imagining yourself enjoying your favorite things can help you discover your vocation.

Are you one hundred percent devoted to musical theatre? To the extent that you’re passionate about providing exposure to the arts for children, your talents may be best used in ways that inspire live performances.

Is data analysis something you enjoy? In all probability, many groups will see that skill as a tremendous asset.

The most important part is considering your personal strengths, talents, and passions. Once you have determined what your passion is, come up with ideas on how you can put your passion to use.

The Final Advice

It will surely take time for you to discover your purpose in life, but this is not something that can be discovered in a matter of days, weeks, or months. It is a journey of a lifetime that can only be undertaken one step at a time.

Your purpose in life may shift over time. It is possible that in your youth, you enjoyed working with animals, but you now want to get involved with a project that fights human trafficking. Having multiple purposes isn’t impossible.

It is critical to understand that your purpose in life does not mean you have to completely change what you’re doing. If you treat others to haircuts, you may realize that you are in the business of making others feel beautiful.

You may discover that helping children learn is a part of your purpose in life if you hold a job as a school custodian.

Reflecting on whether your current path is taking you where you want to go occasionally is a good idea. If it’s not, then you have the freedom to alter your course. Finding your true purpose in life doesn’t always run along a straight and level path.  

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