Picking the best lipstick? Here are 10 tips for you!


The best lipstick that suits your face is really difficult to find. After eyes, lips are the most incredibly attractive feature that catches the eyes of the viewers. So, we need to pick the suitable color for each event that fits our skin tone. There are many skin tones, including fair, dark, medium, and olive. It may be very crucial to select the perfect shade that matches our requirements. This is the handiest viable with a massive color variety. 

Besides shade range, it’s also essential that we do not forget the niche of our chosen product. Women should decide upon those lipsticks that live longer and give a superbly smooth appearance all day.

Here are some tips that would surely help you out deciding the best lipstick.

1. Skin tone 

best lipstick enhances beauty

The very first step is to determine the skin tone for the best lipstick that will suit. There are four types of skin complexion: fair, deep, medium, and tan.

Fair or light skin tone: The advantage of having a creamy or light skin tone is that the majority of color fits it. Irrespective of they are dark, light, or herbal shades. The colors that suit the most are bright red, nude pink, maroon, and peach.

Deep skin tone: Color that fits first-class on deep complexion is brown, plum, and wine.

Medium skin tone: For medium tone, sweet colors like rose red, pink, cherry red, maroon, and light brown are perfect.

Tan skin tone: Girls with this skin color will look gorgeous in deep pink, cherry red, plum, and caramel colors.

3. Shape of lips

Lips that are big or referred to as full lips might appear excellent in vibrant color. Don’t apply lips liner that could extend them.

Girls with Bottom plump lips need to be a little conscious about the upper lip. Just simply take a light or bright color nude lip liner and re-shape your upper lip by slightly re-drawing your natural curve. Slightly enhance your upper lip and balance your lips, and that will be the best lipstick that suits you.

For the girls with tiny lips, outline your lips with the same color; your lipstick will give you a perfect look.

Thin lips girls should try glossy lipsticks that enhance and catches the eye.

4. Skin undertone 

There are three types of skin undertone:

  1. The warm undertone should go for copper, brown, coral, and pale pink. 
  2. Cool undertone should try plum, cherry, purple, and all shades of reds. 
  3. A neutral undertone can go for all colors; there is nothing that doesn’t suit you. Grab your favorite color, and you are ready to rock.

These combinations of colors with specific skin tones can make it the best lipstick choice.

5. Hair color 

Hair tone likewise sways the shade of your lipstick so, it is additionally imperative to consider your hair tone with any remaining things. Some of the shades that go with lipstick color are as follows. These combination shades can enhance your choice of the best lipstick combination. 

For Fair or light skin

  1. Dark hair: Scarlet, cherry, plum, and dark red.
  2. Blond hair: All shades of pink and scarlet color. 
  3. Red hair:  Corals, terracotta, burnt sienna, dull pink, and salmon pink.

For Tan and deep skin

Dark hair: bronze, ocher, and nude red. 

Blond hair: all pink lipstick shades and corals.

6. Pair dress with lip color

Best lipstick shade

The shade of the outfit likewise impacts the shade of lipstick. It is usually not so difficult to match the best lipstick shade with the outfit. Here are some pairs that will help you to decide the color that you want to wear.

For a blue shaded outfit

By having a dynamic tone, some of the time, it gets hard to get the correct kind of lip color as we require. The story is totally unique with the blue tone, as a couple of shadings work out positively for it, and subsequently, you should focus while getting the best lipstick to wear with a blue dress. Blue is a splendid shade; you should get a shading that doesn’t negate the blue tone but rather supplements it well. In this way, in the event that you need to make your lips the focal point of fascination while wearing a blue dress, here are probably the best lipstick shading that would suit your blue dress.

  1. Nude Coral
  2. Dull Red
  3. Velvet Pink
  4. Pale Pink
  5. Peachy Red.

For all shades of yellow 

Yellow is a bright color and also represents a promising and delightful mood that adds freshness to your mind. Wearing yellow in summer is in trend for decays. So, girls, if you’re bringing out those cute yellow dresses this summer, then don’t forget to team them with appropriate lip colors. Here is how you can choose the best lipstick for your summery look. 

  1. Blush Pink
  2. Matte Pink
  3. Nude Burgundy
  4. Coral
  5. Matte Mauve
  6. Dull Maroon

These shades will surely uplift your dress with light makeup.

All shades of the orange dress

Orange is the shading most connected with entertainment, energy, and warmth. In the event you want everybody’s eyes on you, you should try orange. The best lipstick colors range that goes with orange are:

  1. Light and soft Pink
  2. Deep and hot Red
  3. Dull Orange
  4. Nude Pink
  5. Matte Burgundy
  6. Deep Pink
  7. Peach

Dresses in purple shades 

Purple is an intense shade that may appear challenging to coordinate with the correct cosmetics. It has been related to sovereignty: lavishness and independence.

Here’s the manner by which to pick a shade of best lipstick that complements a purple dress.

  1. Nudes
  2. Pinks
  3. Burgundy
  4. Deep reds
  5. Purple

 For black dress and White dresses 

Black and white are the most loved color of every individual.  Every lady loves dark and sober dresses and desires to add one to their closet. As black is a rather bold color, and white represents decency and calmness. Around a couple of lipstick conceals that praise these colors impeccably. Recommendations are likewise added for each tone. Nonetheless, you can pick any lipstick you like with these shades.

  1. Bright Red 
  2. Cherry Red
  3. Bright and dull Orange
  4. Matte Peach
  5. Plum
  6. Nude
  7. Light and Dark Brown
  8. All shades of pink lipstick

Golden color dress 

Red lipstick with a golden dress is a tasteful blend that can never disappoint and stop people in their tracks. The darker, the better, and make you diva of that occasion. The golden dress itself attracts the eyes and if you want to make yourself more attractive and confident, try it with

  1. Nude Peachy Orange
  2. Deep Red
  3. Bright Pink
  4. Dark Brown
  5. Wine Purple
  6. Deep Maroon

Pink shaded dress

best lipstick combination

Pink is the all-time favorite color of girls and represents joy, love, affection. Girls love to wear pink. Pink is all about girls. So, girls, wear what you want with your color. Here are some suggestions that will help you to clear your thoughts

  1. Glitter Pink
  2. Bright Pink
  3. Nude Pink
  4. Peachy Orange
  5. Cherry Red 

7. Lip color for dark lips 

Girls with dark lips should try Mauve, deep red, cherry red, deep or coca brown, nude brown, plum, maroon, color to cover dark lips.

8. Lipsticks for different looks 

Lipsticks are intended for regular put on. There are distinct seems, i.e., informal, parties, weddings, offices, meetings, and so forth. It is important to remember the fact that not every coloration fits every occasion. Here are some lipstick shades to help you to pick the proper color for the formal event.

Informal looks: It is easy to choose colors for a casual outfit. But, avoid bright and attractive colors. Nude pink, cherry pink, matte brown, usually the color that is a little darker than your skin tone.

Party looksEvery girl wants to look fabulous at the party. She wants to be the center of attraction for everyone out there. But, for this, she has to look stunning with a proper outfit. So, it is essential to keep everything in mind and pair up everything you wear. Here is guidance for some lipstick shades you can wear to look decent and can rock in that too. So, let me help you with some of the best lipstick shades that I’ve shortlisted for you. Glossy lipstick will stay longer and add glow to your face: Cherry Red, Light Pink, Maroon, and Plum.

The wedding looks: When it comes to a wedding look, a list of bright colors pops up in our minds. Yes, of course, it also assists us to look fresh, bold, and confident. A wedding look is a fancy look and for this bright and dark colors helps us to make us more attractive and marvelous. To wear the best lipstick shade, try dark and bright shades; it will enhance your beauty. Bright Red, Maroon, Glossy Pink, Brown, Matte Red, and Scarlet.

Office and meeting look: Making excellent work outfits and dominating your office style is such a ton simpler by keeping it basic, lighter tone, and rich. It is important not to use bright and shimmery colors. Meeting and office is a formal place; try a matte color that does not make your lips prominent to match the best lipstick for the perfect environment, try light brown, dull pink, nude, and coral.

9. Lipstick complimenting jewelry 

Continuously consider how your lipstick supplements your jewelry. Try not to think of them independently as you are getting dressed. Look in the mirror to check whether they are pairing up with one another. Here are some matchups for the best lipstick combination that will help you.

To make a bold combo, try red lipstick with silver jewelry.

Nude lipstick with gold or gold-plated jewelry makes it look cool.

Rose gold accessories with all shades of pink lip colors will give you a soft look.

10. Tips to keep your lips healthy

Here are some tips to keep your lips healthy.  A few cures are here that you should attempt prior to applying lipsticks so that you would be able to get perfect, soft, and healthy lips.

  • Use lip balm to smother your lips. It will also give you crack-free lips.
  • Use vitamin E. It will make your skin looks softer. 
  • Apply oil to them; it will keep them moisturized.

Lipstick can really make or crush your look. In any case, with such a ton of explicit shadings accessible, settling on the best lipstick shade can regularly be a war. We hope that now you can choose the perfect lipstick that will completely suit you and these suggestions will help you find the lipstick that becomes made for you and your lips. Other than THIS, IF THE COLOR YOU WEAR MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPY AND SATISFIED. Simply LEAVE THE REST AND FOCUS ON YOUR HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION.

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