How to purify your body naturally


Purifying treatment to renew and clean the body

Our ancestors practiced it and in any naturist regime is included. They even advise drinking the juice of an orange and a lemon before each meal, to activate the gastric juices and have a better digestion.

Others drink 2 oranges and a lemon juice when they get up or only oranges. My grandmother drank a large glass of warm water upon rising…

Lemon juice with warm water

To purify your body in a simple way is to drink a lemon juice with a glass full of warm water and a small teaspoon of baking soda when you wake up.

Temperate water brings energy to your newly awakened body. It is something as simple as old.

The important thing is to take it and wait an hour before breakfast. In this way, our body is thoroughly cleaned, our liver is purified and our entire digestive system will function as a clock. At the time they can have breakfast normally.

It is advisable to do it for 3 weeks and continue only with water and lemon, because excessive consumption of bicarbonate does not suit everyone. It can also be taken at night, on an empty stomach, if you have had a particularly bad day. Never with a full stomach.

What benefits does this depurative treatment have?

Lemon is acidic but when digested it becomes alkaline and bicarbonate is alkaline, so together they help alkalize our body.

Lemon and baking soda helps counteract the acidity of the stomach, are anti-flatulent and restores the natural balance of the pH of our body. It is a way of not storing remains harmful to health.

They help to purify the entire digestive system and especially to cleanse the liver, as it forces it to manufacture bile, to have a better digestion and better eliminate food waste. Toxins disappear from the blood. With the daily consumption the organism is purified and will lose the desire to become contaminated with food, which can be aggressive such as: fat, coffee, alcohol … They will reject it and each time they will enjoy a healthier body.

They help counteract the malfunction of our kidneys, when they do not eliminate all the acidosis they should, the lemon and the bicarbonate being alkaline, eliminate it instead.

They help you lose weight, because being alkaline, you lose more weight. In addition, the lemon contains pectin, which is a fiber that produces satiety, which will eat less, with little we eat we will be satiated and it will be much easier to lose weight.

It is beneficial for the immune system, because it contains Potassium and Vitamin C, which raise the defenses of our body, balance blood pressure, stimulate brain functions, promote the nervous system, is an antioxidant and prevent us from catching colds.

Good for coughs and heavy colds:  a glass of hot water with the juice of a lemon and honey, softens the throat, cuts the cough or reduces it, thanks to the power of Vitamin C.

Immaculate skin, because by eliminating all the toxins from our blood, our skin will remain clean, without impurities. It is known to all that Vitamin C prevents or improves wrinkles and skin blemishes. In fact there are facial creams based on this vitamin.

Diuretic power: Lemon is diuretic, so toxins will be eliminated more quickly from the body. If we also drink a lot of water during the day, we will be able to thoroughly clean our body daily.

It is anti-carcinogenic: the reason is because outwardly the carcinogenic tumors are acidic. With the daily presence of alkaline foods, the proliferation of tumors is reduced because they counteract the acid from these tumors.


  • It is recommended not to do more than 3 weeks in a row. It can be done only with lemon.
  • Hypertensive people cannot do it, because bicarbonate could cause them to increase tension.
  • People with gastritis refrain.



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