How to organize a romantic trip


Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to organize a romantic getaway with your partner. If you are thinking of making a romantic trip and want everything to be perfect, we offer you some tips to ensure success and to make you come back more in love than ever.

Avoid sites visited with previous partners

When you arrive at a really nice place, it is important not to mention that we remember being there with a previous love – it is not romantic to share a special place with the ghost of a broken relationship. When we are in love we like exclusivity.

Money can’t buy love, but it does help

To say that we are going to Paris is one thing and to say that we have found a Polish driver who takes us there via Krakow for € 10 is a very different one. Remember that the journey is the most romantic part of the trip; once there you will have to visit the art galleries going cold and hungry. A good idea is to buy champagne for train, take taxis and snuggle up.

Singles, don’t think about marriage

Stop speculating about the sites where the hand request may arise. It is advisable to park ideas related to conventional life and matters as mundane as marriage in favor of living a few magical days.

Married, do not think about children

Well, think yes because for most mothers especially, the opposite would be impossible. But avoid talking about them and it is not necessary to call them several times a day or send them messages on the phone every two to three. We’ll take care of them when we return. Now is the time to enjoy your partner.

Try not to take advantage of the trip to practice a language

When you try to be romantic you have to focus only on the other person. If one of the two is talking continuously with taxi drivers, waiters and other strangers and the other does not understand a word, he will feel that he is on another vacation totally apart.

Talk about inconsequential topics

Two days is a long time, but everything will be fine as long as we don’t talk about work, family, friends, football, cats, food, and comedy, politics or Christmas. It is best to talk about trivial things and, in case of doubt, kiss.



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