Healthy tips for going back to school


After the break from the holidays, the time has come for children to return to school and return to the routine of their classes, sports and extracurricular activities.

A good idea to start the classes as well as possible is to take into account a series of tips to make the return to school as healthy as possible and also take advantage of the beginning of school to establish these new healthier guidelines and routines.

1. Set the bedtime

It is essential that children sleep the necessary hours to be able to perform later during the day.

Although sleep needs vary, most children and adolescents need more than eight hours of sleep.

To get children to get up early to go to school after long vacations without too much effort, try getting them to go to bed a little earlier each night for a week or two before school starts .

2. Teach good hygiene habits

To help prevent your children from getting sick (and even “carrying” germs home) it is important to teach them good hygiene habits such as  washing their hands properly  after using the bathroom and before eating or  avoiding sharing food  or drinks with others. Children.

3. Take care of your diet 

Although sometimes the easiest thing is to prepare children’s lunches with processed foods, you should know the importance of a healthy diet.

It would be best to increase the amount of healthy food in the shopping cart. Fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread and lean proteins such as turkey are some of the most recommended foods for the little ones.

4. Manage stress 

The return to the Cole is a period quite stressful for children (and sometimes even parents). But excess stress can cause a wide variety of health problems such as insomnia and even end up affecting the immune system.

Try to help your child manage the stress of going back to school. Talk to him / her about anything that worries them, try not to overload their schedule with an excess of extracurricular activities. It is essential that children have time to relax, play and spend family time after school.



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