Foods to increase sexual desire


What to eat to increase your libido 

Our senses, what we see, hear, feel, touch, smell and taste, have a strong effect on how we feel and what we want, so it is normal for food to influence sexual desire.

Some foods increase sexual desire because they raise our mood, but there are others that affect the production of sex hormones that stimulate sexual desire.

We tell you what foods should not be missing in your pantry if you want to have a full sex life.

·         Bananas

It contains bromelain, an enzyme that increases sexual desire and reverses impotence in men (it is also found in pineapple).

This fruit is also rich in potassium and B vitamins, which are essential for the production of sex hormones and improves sexual desire in men.

·         Carrots

Associated with sexual desire since ancient times. The first kings of the Middle East used them because they were thought to help seduction.

Rich in vitamin E and beta carotene.

·         Chocolate

It is one of the best known aphrodisiacs.

Chocolate contains more than 400 different chemicals, including caffeine and phenyl ethylamine (PEA), a chemical that is produced in the brains of people who are in love.

When we consume it, our body also releases serotonin and a variety of endorphins that increase impulses, increasing the feeling of pleasure.

·         Strawberries

Excellent source of vitamin B, which has been linked to an increase in the amount of sperm in men.

·         Oysters

A classic in aphrodisiac foods.

Studies link a low sperm count to low zinc levels. In this, oysters can be very useful since they have a high zinc content, vital to increase testosterone levels.

In addition to oysters they also increase the production of dopamine, a hormone that increases libido.

·         Onions

They increase testosterone levels in the body and help increase sexual endurance, and also increase sperm count naturally.

Did you know the Egyptian priests were not allowed to eat onion to prevent the temptation from being too great? Or that in France, it is tradition to eat onion soup the morning after the wedding night to keep the libido high?

·         Nuts

The cashews and almonds are rich in zinc, while the nuts are rich in omega-3.

All this helps to improve sex life as it increases the levels of dopamine in the brain, which is the substance that activates arousal.

·         Chilies

They contain capsaicin, a substance that stimulates nerve endings and releases chemicals, raising heart rate and triggering the release of endorphins.

·         Celery

It contains aldosterone, a naturally produced hormone in men that increases sexual arousal in women.

·         Apples

Apples, like berries, cherries, onions and dark grapes, are rich in quercetin, a substance that increases circulation and improves endurance.

·         Honey

It contains vitamin B that promotes the production of estrogen and testosterone, two very important hormones for optimal sexual health.

·         Spinach

They are rich in arginine, an amino acid that converts to nitric oxide that helps start and maintain erections.

They are also rich in vitamin E.

·         Watermelon

It contains coralline that is converted to L-arginine, and has an effect similar to Viagra. It increases nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the penis, and therefore improves erections.

·         Oats

Better cholesterol level, better erections.

Oatmeal contain L-arginine , which treats erectile dysfunction, and also fiber that helps eliminate cholesterol , which is a common culprit that clogs the narrow arteries that surround the genital area and prevents blood flow.



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