Do you have a bad day? Remember these 9 things


9 Positive thoughts for bad days 

The hardest days will be where you get the best lessons. So keep this in mind when you’re having a bad day. 

1. No one promised that life would be perfect 

“If you are looking for perfection, you will never be satisfied” – Leo Tolstoy

Do not condition your happiness to satisfy every expectation you created. It’s good to be ambitious, but you’ll never be perfect. If you expect to be your life will be plagued with disappointments.

2. Success does not happen overnight 

“The trees that take time to grow have the best fruit” – Molière

Do not fool yourself thinking that success will come to you quickly. It is not easy to be patient but let me tell you something: everything that is worth it takes time (often, a lot). If you get frustrated, remember why your goal is important and why you do what you do.

3. There is a lesson in every fight 

“And once the storm has passed, you will not remember how you went through it, how you managed to survive. You will not be sure if the storm is really over. But one thing is true. When you leave it you will not be the same person who entered. That is what this storm is about” – Haruki Murakami

Don’t complain about how terrible your life is. It’s tempting to do it, but getting bitter won’t make you feel better. Find solutions to change what you don’t like and not reasons to get there. Find everything that invites you to advance your problem. Do not drown in it. If you learn the lessons now, you will know what changes to make in the future so that they do not happen again.

4. without hard times you would not appreciate the good 

“Strength is not born of winning. When things are ugly and still you decide not to give up and move on, that is strength” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Do not be sad if you lose. On the contrary, how are you going to learn to be better if not? If you look at failure as part of learning, it will allow you to maintain a positive attitude to pursue your goals for as long as necessary.

5. Its okay to cry sometimes 

“Don’t blame yourself for crying. Without this emotion, we would simply be robots” – Elizabeth Gilber

Crying is not a sign of weakness. It is a way to relieve tensions and feelings of discomfort. If you let them accumulate they will end up hurting you even more. It’s normal that sometimes you need to let off steam, don’t be ashamed of it.

6. Worrying about everything is not right 

“Worrying does not empty your problems tomorrow, but empty your strength today” – Corrie Ten Boom

If you forget the things that you cannot control, you will have the power to concentrate on what you can. And besides, is it good for something positive to worry about things you can’t control?

7. No one’s life is as picturesque as it seems 

“How much time would you save yourself if you stopped looking at what your neighbor says, does or thinks and looks at what you do, say and think about yourself?” – Marco Aurelio

Do not compare your life with what another person reflects. Since everything your eyes see is not true. When you are comparing yourself, think that what you observe is a high definition version of their lives. Besides, and apart from all this, you don’t need to compare yourself with anyone.

8. It takes courage to ask for help 

“The most persistent and urgent question in life is: What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King Jr.

No one would have arrived where they had arrived if they had not asked for help. That’s how it is. The strength of a man also lies in his vulnerability. So do not hesitate to ask for help because you will never be a burden.

9. You deserve love and happiness 

“People tend to be almost as happy as they intend to be” – Abraham Lincoln

Think of something you are grateful for right now. It may be the cup of tea this morning, the puppy that awaits you at home when you arrive from work, or that pair of eyes so healthy that you can read this article.

It’s so easy to forget about these little things when we have a bad mood … that I challenge you to break this trend! The next time you’re down, think of something that makes you happy. Repeat that behavior until it becomes a habit. Your negative thoughts will stop having an effect on you if you stop listening to them.




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