Cockroaches at home? Remedies to end cockroaches!


How to end cockroaches with home remedies

Cockroaches, that insect despised by many and that never leaves those who tremble in disgust with their presence.

These insects survive extreme situations, for example, if a nuclear bomb explodes … Who would survive? Cockroaches!!

Well, after such outright statements as these you just have to analyze: Why do cockroaches appear at home? What is there to kill cockroaches? How to prevent cockroaches from appearing in the kitchen, bathrooms…?

The cockroach has survived evolution for centuries because of its intelligence and ability. It is a very attentive and agile insect. Cockroaches only appear at night or in the dark, they don’t leave their cave if there is light. Cockroaches fit everywhere! If we think they do not go through that place … yes, they fit, pass, hide and can even lay their eggs there. What do they eat? OF EVERYTHING!! They are like rats, all the organic remains they find in their path are a delicacy for cockroaches.


For some they are disgusting, disgusting, the creaking of killing them describes it as unpleasant and even cause of thirst…

What do cockroaches like and how to prevent cockroaches from appearing at home?

  • Live and make way at night or in the dark, when no one can see them
  • The wood, cardboardor paper are your best mattress, where else is like perching them.
  • They hide between cracks and crevicesin furniture, especially bathroom and kitchen furniture
  • They love That’s why we found many cockroaches in the sewers, pipes in the kitchen bathrooms, laundry rooms, heating drains, electricity boxes …
  • Behind the appliancesand under these, where organic debris accumulates, it is dark, heats are released by the motors …


  • Basements, warehouses, storage rooms, heights… all those places where food is stored, clothes … Places where there is usually not much human presence, are usually turned off and, as a general rule, there is some type of organic substance that serves as food.

How to prevent cockroaches?

  1. Remove all types of cracks and crevicesthat may be in the bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, sinks … They can be filled with hot silicone, so that it will be completely airtight.
  2. Do not accumulate standing water and moisture. For example, after washing our hands, dry the sink with a cloth, preventing it from getting wet. When we finish scrubbing the ideal is to dry the sink and cover the drain so that they do not locate the wet point of the sink.
  3. Dry places with high temperatures. For example, behind the living room furniture, where the space is dark, there is no humidity but there is no access … it is a good place for them, because removing dust and moving these furniture, curtains, shelves, books … from time to time and not leaving mop and dust remains we will prevent them from creating their nests there. One of the enemies of cockroaches … THE ASPIRATOR!
  4. The remains of food, foodpackages … have to remain tightly closed and never leave the rest plates on the counter for a long time … at night our friends could visit us.
  5. Garbage and recycling. Especially in spring-summer we must have the garbage bags, recycled … tightly closed and as soon as possible in the same place. The cubes should close tightly and the bags too. Places with droppings and food scraps are one of their favorite places.

Home remedies to eliminate cockroaches at home?

1. Laurel and lavender

Placing some bay leaves in the corners or places that we think pass or are comfortable, since the smell scares them and makes them leave. The laurel has a very intense smell that humans are used to and cockroaches hate. And, the same goes for the scent of lavender, which usually scare away insects.

2. Boric and onion powder paste

It is one of the remedies to eliminate the oldest cockroaches we know. It is about making a paste to put in the corners where these insects usually travel and that is not near children or accessible to our pet (since it can be toxic). It is prepared by cutting the onion into very small pieces or even chopping it and mix it with a glass of flour, beer or water until it thickens, 1 pinch of sugar and 4 tablespoons of boric acid. We mix everything well and, there has to be a semi-liquid paste. We can collect caps and use these to put the dough in the corners.

3. Fondant and baking soda

The sweet calls them but since his stomach is acidic … this paste kills them. A semi-liquid mixture is made that attracts them by putting the paste in the corners and favorite hiding places of cockroaches. Cockroaches will appear, they will eat and … they will die. Bicarbonate kills them in minutes!

4. Cockroach traps on cardboard

The cardboard, paper or wood love them. If we put glue or glue on a cardboard and sprinkle with sugar, they will come to eat calls for the candy and they will die stuck to the cardboard because they will not be able to leave.

5. Clean pipes and drains

To prevent them from coming out of the pipes, drains, toilets … The ideal is to clean the house and when we go to scrub put ammonia in the water and, once we have finished … the dirty water we throw it through the pipes, so we managed to kill the cockroaches and their nests with ammonia.

It is also good to use boiling water to get rid of the nests and cockroaches that perch on the elbows, pipes and pipes of bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore, once a week we put water to boil and … we make the tour.



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