4 yoga poses to lose weight easily


Yoga poses to tone the body and lose weight easily

The yoga is one of the most diverse and beneficial ways of caring for the health of our body (physically and emotionally). In addition to improving our flexibility, toning and weight loss, it helps us relax, calms our stress and increases our energy.

He pace of life that we all lead lately often makes it difficult for us to find free time for ourselves. If it is difficult to find free time to disconnect and have fun, finding free time to exercise and improve our physical condition may seem impossible.

In case you do not have much time, the good thing about yoga is that it can be practiced from the comfort of our own home and in less than 30 minutes (if the time we have is fair).

The postures that we will see next are ideal for losing weight for their toning and strengthening qualities (Note: Hold each posture for a minimum of 3-5 deep breaths. Try to repeat the routine about 3-4 times a week).

4 simple yoga poses to lose weight

1. – Tree posture

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart. Slowly and without losing control, lift the right foot and rest the plant on the inside of the left thigh (right knee pointing outwards).
  • Bring your hands to pray in front of your chest and breathe deeply. With the second exhalation, bring your arms to the sky, keeping your hands together.
  • Use a balance point in front of you to help you with the balance.
  • Repeat this posture with the other leg.

2. – Crescent moon posture

  • Stand up and stride forward with your left foot to stay in a wide stance (with your right leg stretched back, and your right leg bent at 90 degrees to the ground).
  • Now we will deeply inspire. As we inspire, we will bring our arms to the sky, with the palms of our hands looking at each other.
  • Maintain the posture for several deep breaths and repeat the exercise alternating legs.

3. – Rocking ship posture

  • Stand seated with your legs straight forward and your heels resting on the floor. Note: Be sure to keep your back straight.
  • Keeping our backs straight and hands resting on the side of the hip, we will lean our body 45º backwards.
  • As we inspire, we will stretch the arms and legs, keeping the legs glued and the tips of the fingers pointing outward (forming a kind of “V” with the body.

4. – Bow posture 

  • Lie on your stomach (looking at the floor).
  • Bend your knees back and try to grab your feet or ankles with your hands.
  • Pull the stomach and stretch the feet up while raising the upper body from the floor.
  • Keep the shoulder blades down.



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